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How Author Keishorne Scott Is Creating A Space For Healing




Two time best-selling author and Forbes recognized leading coach, Keishorne Scott is taking social media by storm, and creating a platform where those who are hurting can fully heal. Keishorne has been on globally televised shows, radio shows, and magazines to tell his story, and is now taking his words of wisdom to social media where his voice is certainly heard.

Keishorne Scott was born in the birthplace of Trinidad, He then moved to Brooklyn NY at the age of eight where he has been resting his head since. While growing up in the town of Canarsie he knew he was going to be the one to make a change. Inspired by friends and family he knew he had the love and support to pursue in making a difference.

While talking to Mr. Scott he stated, “I just want to do something positive with my life with the time I have left to live. Life is short so I want to leave a mark”. Indeed this is something that he is doing. Mr. Scott has been seen on Forbes, Good Morning America, ABC News, ABC World News Now,, Yahoo! tv, Newsday, News 12,, Canarsie Courier, Rolling Out Magazine, and many high profile media outlets.

Touching millions of people through his social media platforms, public speaking, one-on-one coaching, viral social media videos, and bestselling books, Keishorne’s priority is to motivate and inspire us all to do more with our lives and give back to our community, all while creating a path of success and positivity. A dynamic speaker and storyteller, Keishorne has a killing combination of high-energy, humor and genuine warmth which brings every lesson to life. Keishorne is not only talking about, he’s being about it. Taking his message worldwide to create a space of healing and total transformation with his self-help books and coaching business.

Keishorne is a man who appreciates the value of education, love, relationships, and healing. Being a man with strong faith and belief, he strongly believes that “without the proper knowledge and education, you’re lost. Education gives us knowledge of the world around us, which develops in us a perspective of looking at life and building our own opinions.” Keishorne is definitely creating that atmosphere online. Helping men and women heal and turn their brokenness into wholeness while creating a life they can be proud of.

Keishorne is truly an amazing person who is here to serve and change our lives. He is taking his passion and gifts online and offline to inspire, encourage and uplift men and women about love, healing, relationships, self-esteem, and wholeness. This is truly a man worth following and investing in.

Keishorne’s work is all over the internet and easy to find. You can follow him on Instagram and Facebook @Keishornescott, purchase his book on Amazon, or visit his website

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