How are QR codes used in today’s real estate endeavors?

QR codes became a game-changer tool in real estate marketing. As the competition in the market tightens, real estate professionals should continuously adapt to innovative and effective means of real estate marketing.

Using QR codes allows agents to engage with potential clients better and produce new leads. QR codes can bring great opportunities to real estate professionals enabling them to maximize and leverage their marketing success.

Realtors are utilizing online platforms to reach a larger audience. Let’s find out how real estate companies can use QR codes in their marketing campaigns.

An Overview of QR codes in Real Estate 

For sure, everyone has seen QR codes and has an idea already with their usage. But where does QR code originate?

QR code technology was initially used in 1994 by Denso Wave, a Japanese automotive company, as a means to track vehicles for the entire manufacturing process. It is originally a black and white square image with unique patterns and is scannable through a smartphone’s camera.

Over the years, QR codes have continuously evolved as businesses across different industries are exploring more advanced and valuable cases to utilize QR codes. Thanks to the widespread presence of a QR code generator online, QR codes are now commonly used in advertising and marketing campaigns.

Realtors conveniently gain an edge over their competitors by using QR codes. Potential buyers can now access various information when they scan QR codes. This improves the engagement of realtors through their buyers.

Five exciting ways to use QR codes for Real Estate

QR codes can be applied in many ways, and these are just a few of how QR codes are used in today’s real estate endeavors.

1. QR codes link on Listing Sites

Realtors have allowed their prospects to visit their listing site seamlessly. The use of QR codes eliminates the manual searching or typing of the link on their browsers. This also eradicates the risk of accessing incorrect and malicious websites.

QR codes are widely used to embed URLs and instantly redirect people to various websites. If you have a property for sale, you can list it online and use the URL to generate a QR code. You can visit an efficient QR code generator online and start marketing your property with QR codes.

2. QR codes for Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are excellent means to maximize marketing efforts online. A short video allows you to engage with potential clients and provide details about your real estate even in a limited time.

You can create a video QR code for your promotional videos with no hassle. If you are ready with the videos, you can upload them online and link them to QR codes.

3. QR codes on Business Cards

Real estate professionals used business cards to be recognized by their prospects. Buyers usually ask for contact details to connect with agents instantly and set meetings.

Good thing that we now have a QR code generator with the VCard feature. This feature allows agents to enter their contact information to be encoded in QR codes then let scanners save the details directly on their phones.

4. QR codes for Social Media

Social media platforms are also used in promoting and selling real estate online. Real estate agents can post their promotions on social media pages. Through social media, they can engage and communicate with potential buyers. Buyers can comment or send a personal message if they have inquiries or are interested in the estate posted.

Let your prospects conveniently follow and connect with you on social media using QR codes. Check for a QR code maker online that lets you embed all your social media pages in a single QR code.

5. QR codes with PDF

Share images and more information about your real estate by making a PDF, then upload it to make a QR code. Best to use PDF as it is compatible with any device. PDF keeps the original format and the quality of the images. Furthermore, sending a QR code instead of the actual PDF file online is faster as it is smaller in size.


QR code is undeniably a must-have tool for realtors to provide better engagements with clients and maximize their marketing efforts. There are so many ways to utilize QR codes in today’s real estate endeavors; the ideas above are just a few of them. 

Integrating a QR code generator with logo software online, QR codes bring real estate marketing to the next level. Keeping up with technological advancements helps realtors gain a competitive edge among others.

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