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How Adam Ibrahim’s Unique Strategy Enabled Him to Beat Corona’s Stock Market Plunge




While the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down as much as 40% from its highs in recent trading, Adam Ibrahim’s 365 fund reported a maximum loss of only 2.6%, despite having significant exposures to US and Global Equities. The 27 year-old asset manager’s fund carries a diversified portfolio of domestic and Global Assets such as Short Duration Treasuries, US Equities, and High-Yield Corporate Debt, while employing risk management strategies that utilize low and no-cost derivatives that generate outsized value in extreme events.

While clients are thankful for the asset management strategy, which is fittingly called “365”, Ibrahim’s journey in asset management did not begin in the publicly traded markets. After working on Wall Street as an institutional sales intern in highschool, Adam studied economics at Binghamton University while working for a small business law firm as a paralegal and building a property management company on the side. After graduating, Ibrahim purchased, developed and managed over 50 properties across New York on behalf of himself and a handful of institutional and high net worth clients. His full service New York real estate firm brings institutional and accredited investors transparent and secure exposure to high-yield multifamily real estate assets in secondary and tertiary markets throughout the Northeast.

In order to provide institutional and high net worth clients with more liquid and diversified asset exposures that could be robust in extreme environments, Ibrahim launched 365. As a function of pairing trusted traditional assets with a proactive and systematic risk management strategy, the 365 fund is able to track gains in most asset markets while mitigating losses in events of extreme economic shocks and disasters. The result is an institutional product that captures market growth with less volatility while preserving liquidity for institutions and high net worth individuals during critical periods, such as the current Coronavirus chaos and stock market plunge.

Ibrahim’s strategy employs a strategic and event driven lens to analyze equities, commodities, fixed income, and rates. A diversified and global allocation is always maintained and risk management is accomplished through strategic utilization of derivatives, which provide benefits during times of volatility while also structuring the portfolio to capture value in times of stability.

Though many have lost a great percentage of their net worth due to this recent economic crash, Ibrahim’s unique 365 fund and investment strategies have shielded him and his clients from harm and the chaos has provided an opportunity for Ibrahim to purchase more assets and expand his firm.

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