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How 16 year old Laurence Moss scaled his Marketing Agency




Laurence Moss is a 16-year-old British entrepreneur who runs a successful digital marketing agency.

At the start of 2019, he founded Greedy Growth, a full service Instagram marketing agency, and has since worked with large brands such as the e-commerce giant VikingCycle and the largest pop culture auction company in the world Gottahaverockandroll.

When Laurence was 13, he owned a vlogging channel on YouTube, and he eventually transitioned to Instagram after finding little success on YouTube. From 2018 to 2019 he then went on to grow an audience of over 350 thousand followers on Instagram.

Young entrepreneurs are fascinating, so we reached out to Laurence to really pick his brain about the mindset and values he holds that have got him to where he is now.

Is there an age at which entrepreneurship can begin?

Absolutely not. I myself started at 12 the moment I started my YouTube channel. Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be making money, it can be identifying a problem and providing a solution, or being creative. Too many people associate entrepreneurs with being money makers, when a true entrepreneur would care about their social impact too. I myself started helping out local music artists gain a larger social media presence for free in 2019, in an effort to give back.

How important is social media today for marketing?

The best place to advertise your service or product is where people are hanging out. Things may move more digital, but the one thing that won’t change is people’s desire for human interaction, and to be social.

Therefore, people are drawn to social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat to consume the latest, most trending content that’s relevant to their own interests, and you can leverage this to your advantage, to reach everyone in your target audience in one fell swoop.

What is your biggest tip for aspiring marketers?

Consistency. If you’re putting out content, whether it be on social media, a blog, or even print, you need to be consistent to attract an audience. Everybody is trying to shout as loud as they can on the internet and the best way to compete with that is to buckle down and not think about how many people you’re reaching, but instead what value you’re providing to the people that do listen to you.

Thank you Laurence, it was a pleasure to speak with you ! Remember to follow him on Instagram.

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