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Google Patent helps Explain the Site Ranking




Google’s patent describes a way to classify search queries and websites by topic. It might be and might not be used in Google’s algorithm. Mostly, Google doesn’t confirm if an algorithm described in a patent is in use or not. Websites and search queries are arranged according to topics. So in the patent, the algorithm works with the Knowledge Domains representing topics. Search queries and web pages belong to specific knowledge domains.

Director of SEO Research, Bill Slawski, describes the knowledge domains as the topics that a query may be about and it is not a reference to a knowledge graph. The scope is wider than only the medical sites. The patent might show why some sites can’t rank.

Slawski has written an article on the same and he states in the article that the queries from specific knowledge domains (covering specific topics) might return results using sites that are classified as being from the same Knowledge Domain.

Search queries, according to the patent, can also be recognized as belonging to their own buckets. For instance if a person searches for the definition of diabetes and writes “what is diabetes” on Google page, Google understands that this search query is a medical question but might not understand it as a natural healing question.

Here, according to the top companies providing NYC SEO services, it is necessary to understand that the processes described in the patent apply to a wide range of niche topics and not only to medical algorithm. It is wider than just being a medical related patent. Patent might be useful in looking at ranking issues from the perspective of relevance. If a business site’s rankings have suffered a catastrophic collapse then that may be due to other issues like increased competition or relevance.

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