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Online Book Writers, a name not unknown in the writing industry, is known for offering hassle-free book writing and publishing services. Through it, many aspiring individuals have made a mark in the world of writing. In addition to this, many experienced ones have created marvelous e-books. Some of the areas that they deal with include:

  • Book Writing
  • Cover and Design Layout
  • Book Video Trailer
  • Book Marketing
  • Book Publishing
  • eBook Ghostwriting

1. E-book Writing

Having a powerful concept and a captivating storyline is needed to avail e-book writing services from Online Book Writers. The company comprises writers from diverse backgrounds who excel in the skill of catering to customers’ needs. E-book writing services provided by them has helped many authors get acknowledged for talent and expertise. There are various reasons for choosing them, such as thorough research, unlimited revisions, preserved originality through Copyscape, and all copyrights to the clients.

2. Cover and Design Layout

Besides providing e-book writing services, Online Book Writers also offers cover and design layout services, and it is a perfect way to grab a reader’s attention in just one glance. The first thing people notice in a book is its cover, which decides it’s very fate. Hence, Online Book Writers provide appealing cover designs that align with the genre of the book. Their book cover designers create awe-inspiring designs that capture the true essence of a writer’s story and idea. They create appealing covers for not only e-books but also print books, photo books, comic books, magazines, and yearbooks. 

3. Book Video Trailer

Book Video Trailer, best suited to promote a written book, is another service provided by Online Book Writers. Through this, the designers make an introductory video trailer related to the genre and the book. A short video creates a massive impact that cannot be obtained through press releases, book reviews, and blogpost combined. Hence it is the best way to capture the attention of the target audience.

4. E-Book Marketing

With the help of e-Book marketing services provided by Online Book Writers, promoting already written e-Book is very easy. The plus point is that they have working relations with companies like Kindle Direct Publishing, Amazon’s CreateSpace, and many others. No matter what type of device it is, our books are compatible with all of them.

5. Book Publishing

Online Book Writers also provide Book Publishing services. They provide multiple edits to satisfy the clients to the fullest. One of the best things about them is that their team delivers specifically-tailored publishing services on time without any delays. 

6. eBook Ghostwriting

Online Book Writers comprise of proficient e-book writers who know how to create an impact through their writing. Penning down an impactful book requires effort and time. However, this can be easily managed via skilled writers who get the job done without any hassle.

As a team of professional writers and editors, they are familiar with all the aspects of writing and the tricks of the trade needed to excel as a renowned author.

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