360 Ghostwriting – an Ideal Platform for Ghostwriting Services

360 Ghostwriting is a premium ghostwriting service agency that aims to provide customers the solutions related to writing and publication. The company comprises of proficient and qualified ghostwriters dealing with variety of services including ghostwriting and creative writing. Hence those searching for solutions related to writing, they provide effective services within budget. Following are some of the writing services that they offer:

Editing and Proofreading

SEO Writing

Interactive E-Books


Creative Writing

1. Editing and Proofreading

360 Ghostwriting provides editing and proofreading services for customers. Writing content is not enough, without proper editing and proofreading. However, most of the brands and companies are unfamiliar with the fact that 360 Ghostwriting provides comprehensive editing and proofreading services. 

2. SEO Writing

SEO writing is a phenomenon which cannot be understood without keeping in mind how search engine optimization operates content. For this purpose, a professional SEO agency can help to write content of the website according to the effective SEO strategy. 360 Ghostwriting is a platform that provides companies and brands SEO writing services, according to their niche and requirement.

3. Interactive E-Books

With the help of interactive e-books, a brand can interact with the audience directly with the help of the elements within. It acts more like a mid-level content plan that comprises of materials like links, videos, and audio. Through it a solid foundation for email campaign and marketing can be laid out, thus strengthening the brand. 360 Ghostwriting provide interactive e-book writing services that help to accomplish convenient collaboration, better engagement, and more lead retention. Furthermore, it is easy for the content to upgrade and update.

4. Ghostwriting

The process of ghostwriting is all about getting the project written by someone else. It is a process in which content is written by another person, however, it is credited in the name of the person rather than the person who has written it. As the name itself says it all, 360 Ghostwriting provides ghostwriting services for the brands and customers who are unfamiliar of how to write an engaging copy. Our professional writers help with the process with hassle free approach.

5. Creative Writing

Creative Writing is all about combining three major factors in writing i.e. innovation, imagination, and creativity. It can be categorized in a variety of categories including novel writing, poetry writing, short story writing, and novel writing. The process of creative writing is all about story telling and that too in an effective manner. As compared to academic or journalistic writing, creative writing is different and comprises of variety of styles within one niche. A reader can relate to the situation in a better way because it is all about evoking the emotions through effective storytelling. 360 Ghostwriting comprises of a team of experienced and professional creative writers who get the job done without any hassle. It is an essential way to grab attention of the audience by using buzz words that arouse emotions of the audience.

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