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Georgia Carter’s Rising Star – A classically trained opera singer, Georgia Carter is much more than another hot model




Georgia Carter is a young Australian model and business-savvy entrepreneur with a keen eye for marketing her brand and diversifying her income streams. With a heart for others and goals of spreading awareness on issues such as mental health, body positivity, and personal development, Georgia is carving out a unique space for herself in the world of social media. The response has been swift and impressive, as she has already amassed 1 million followers on Tik Tok.

Georgia was on track to become a professional opera singer before being thrust into the lucrative world of modeling. Professionally trained in opera from the age of eight, Georgia was accepted into the prestigious Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University, a selective, audition-based music school in Brisbane. While studying for a Bachelor of Music degree, Georgia transitioned into bikini modeling, which led to booming social media success and a fast-growing brand. Although music will always be a meaningful part of Georgia’s life and is part of her overall brand, it is modeling that opened the doors to exploding entrepreneurship that allows her to reach millions of followers online. 

Georgia’s brand encompasses a wide variety of content and is on par to explode over the next few years. She posts daily on all of her social media platforms, with five posts on Instagram each day and ten on Tik Tok. Understanding that the more content an influencer produces, the further their reach, Georgia has dramatically increased her earnings through collaborations with other influential entrepreneurs and brands on social media. Additionally, Georgia has a burgeoning YouTube channel where she shares modeling vlogs, music covers, workouts, personal development, and more.

Mental health is such an essential part of Georgia’s personal lifestyle and brand that she incorporates it in her content, helping other women break personal strongholds in their lives, too. Georgia would love to be known for her passion for helping women and breaking down societal beauty expectations. Some of the challenges she hopes to help women overcome are the judgments society places on them for sharing their bodies, opinions, and worldviews in public. Georgia emphasizes that women should work hard on themselves and be unafraid to show authenticity online, a quality she believes has immensely helped her shoot to success. Georgia prides herself in never copying other influencers but remaining true to herself, sharing the most vulnerable and intimate sides of her life to the public. To keep a level head herself, Georgia incorporates quality time with her partner and family, journaling, personal development audiobooks and Tony Robbins courses, and plenty of exercise and rest.

Part of the fun of watching her brand grow is interacting with her followers and fans. Georgia enjoys reading and responding to Instagram and YouTube comments and will even post video content based on subscriber requests. She tries to answer follower questions as often as possible and has gotten to know many of them personally through regular communication on her social media platforms. Georgia has been influenced by other Australian models and influencers such as Jem Wolfie, who proves that through hard work and ambition, along with wise marketing skills, anything is possible in entrepreneurship. In turn, Georgia wants to be that inspiration to other women, especially up-and-coming models.

A motivational podcast is in the works, something Georgia is excited to launch soon. It will air weekly and be geared toward helping women discover her passion for topics such as mental and physical health, body image, and personal development. Aside from this, Georgia is currently building her investment portfolio.

To learn more about Georgia Carter, check out her YouTube channel and Instagram.

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