Miami Entrepreneur- Scotty Huss

Scotty Huss, a young successful entrepreneur had been in the network marketing industry for three years before making his first six-figure income, proving that hard work and dedication takes time to pay off.

One of Scotty’s best attributes is his work ethic. He is constantly on late calls and traveling for his business. What keeps Scotty so dedicated to his work is his understanding of how much he has accomplished and realizing how little it is for what is to come. Risk taking and becoming a student is how Scotty is constantly growing. As a speaker and entrepreneur, Scotty truly understands the idea of giving up comfort and stability for something greater. For him, chasing and obtaining financial freedom was far more worthwhile than sitting back and contemplating why he didn’t take enough chances in life.

All of this never came easy to Scotty. He had to face struggles since childhood. Scotty is from a small town in Florida known as Port Charlotte. He was born and brought up in a middle-class family by his mother and stepfather. At just 9 years old, he saw his biological father get sent to prison. At the age of 19, he almost gave up on life, and even attempted committing suicide. This made Scotty more dedicated than ever. After college, Scotty got in with the right mentors. Every business Scotty invests either time or money into, his mentors give him advice on how to tackle the challenge. Much of Scotty’s success is accredited to having great mentors.

Scotty is currently involved in a few growing projects. His main source of income comes from his partnership with a network marketing company. Network marketing is a business model that depends on person-to-person sales by independent representatives, often working from home. Most of Scotty’s time in this business is dedicated to growing new leaders and helping them hit their goals. Scotty learned from people like Jim Rohn that “if you help enough people get what they want, you can have everything you want.” Along with network marketing, Scotty is involved in selling automated ecommerce stores, personal mentorship, and as well as social media marketing. Most of Scotty’s businesses stem from his goal of wanting to help people.

3 Tips that Scotty teaches to be successful:

  1. Outwork everyone
  2. Believe bigger, faster, sooner
  3. Be allergic to negative people

 To get in contact or find more info out about Scotty Huss, you may visit his Facebook (Scotty Huss) or via Instagram (@Scottyhuss).

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