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Fred Cary is a guiding light for entrepreneurs




Entrepreneurship has its ups and downs. While many new owners have plenty of motivation and a great idea, getting on the winning path can be difficult. Unfortunately, there are plenty of companies out there that try to take advantage of the need for help. However, one entrepreneur on a mission to help others and share his decades of experience is motivating hundreds of thousands of people on Instagram. Fred Cary is a professional business creator who has founded more than ten companies, one of which is now bringing in revenue of a whopping $800 million a year.

His latest venture is training and motivating new entrepreneurs to find their niches, cut through the noise, and follow up on a great idea. “Oftentimes, we think that we have a great idea. We think it’s cool and it will definitely sell. But we forget to account for the market, and that, in fact, is the most important of all. When you wake up in the dead of night and think that you’ve discovered the next genius thing, you’re seeing that from your own perspective, not from the perspective of the buyer. My goal is to train entrepreneurs to get realistic on their ideas and find  their perfect idea quicker – and then provide them with all the tools and human resources they’ll need” explains Cary.

Cary is pouring all of his business knowledge into teaching the 550,000 new entrepreneurs that decide to start their businesses each month. “There’s such a large market, and it’s mind-boggling to me how the necessary tools and strategies don’t already exist to help those people,” shares Cary. He has made it his latest mission to provide guidance for those who want to succeed in business and help them achieve a positive mindset, where they wake up energized and fulfilled in the place they are every day, as opposed to envying others.

“You will inevitably run into roadblocks and make mistakes. But when that happens, if you have a positive, solid mindset, you’ll be able to get up, brush it off, and continue forward,” says Cary, adding, “In fact, the one thing that the most successful entrepreneurs in the world have is that they have all failed. Think back to Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. They are icons today, but they failed multiple times before reaching their goals and making history. Truly, the difference between failing and being a successful entrepreneur comes down to mindset.”

For Cary, as for most people in the world, 2020 has been a year full of challenges. He credits his unwavering mindset as the key to overcoming those and continuing forward no matter what the obstacles. “You can’t always control your situation, but you can control your perception and reaction of it. It’s okay to admit when you’ve lost control. That’s normal and happens to everybody,” Cary notes.

For more tips, insights, and updates from Fred Cary, follow his Instagram.

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