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Francis Volpe Talks Attention




The most successful entrepreneurs can be distinguished for the characteristics that paved the way for their success. We have heard from a lot of them that it takes hard work, grit, talent, and tenacity to get to where you want to go. The bottom line is, you don’t find a pot of gold by just lazing around. It takes paying attention to your ideas, attitude, skills and resources and capitalizing on them. 

Francis Volpe, one of the co-founders of Forbes-accredited marketing agency Y Not You Media, paid attention to what he should become and what he wanted to do. And now, he is one of the most sought-after content strategists in New York. 

Francis grew up in Westchester, NY, with his mother as his role model. She not only instilled in him the importance of education, hard work, and dedication but also continuously reminded him that life’s failures are essential tools for learning. 

Perhaps it is no surprise that Francis achieved what he has with Y Not You Media. Founded in 2018, this multi-figure company is a social media attention agency recognized by Forbes, Harvard University, The New York Weekly, Medium, and many more public platforms. It is dedicated to helping clients generate leads, enhance their brand credibility, and attract different customers to their business and achieve a broader audience. 

For Francis and Y Not You Media, it goes back to the importance of paying attention. Every business requires attention for it to expand, monetize, create opportunities, and influence. The largest brands all share one major feature: they have gained the attention of the masses. They have distinguished themselves from their competitors in the field and attracted more eyes to their products and services. For every business, large or small, attention is an asset. 

Nowadays, gaining attention has been primarily achieved by the advent of technology and the rise of social media. The battle has now shifted from simply breaking barriers into the industry to a major focus on retaining customer attention through unique content and strategy. 

Francis and his team ensure that customers win this modern-day battle of gaining attention. They use a custom-tailored approach in marketing as well as face-to-face meetings with their clients, allowing them to understand what their clients are seeking to achieve. Y Not You Media also crafts strategies to promote growth for their clients’ brands. 

The excellence of their service has led to Y Not You Media being selected as a Forbes-accredited agency. They create content catered to the specific needs of the clients, bringing their brand story to life. What also separates them from other companies is their “young with an old school mentality.” Besides that, they are not only professional, computer-savvy, and up to date on social media trends, but are also heavily inclined toward valuing personal relationships with their clients. By staying true to their mission of providing the highest quality of services that their clients deserve, Y Not You Media has caught the attention of everyone in the industry. 

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