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Find Out How Lifestyle Apparel Brand ‘Ways of Travel’ Is Bringing A Clean And Complex Style Into The Fashion Industry




It is apparent that 2020 has been a roller coaster, due to the current pandemic US apparel sales are predicted to be sliced by 50% this year alone. Thousands of enthusiastic and motivated individuals attempt to achieve the tough task of breaking through into the fashion industry weekly, within the competitive market it takes a special brand to outshine competitors and make a statement, which is exactly what Ways Of Travel have done.

Officially launching in September this year, Ways Of Travel who are based in Nashville, has taken the fashion industry by storm. Upon interviewing the Ways Of Travel founder, Sangsoury Philavarn told us exactly what made his brand like no other.

“Ways Of Travel is unique because our style is designed with inspiration from the emotions we personally feel when travelling and taking new adventures. A few cities that impact our brands styles are Tokyo, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, London and Sydney. Ways Of Travel aims to elevate your adventures and experiences with friends by creating fresh, sleek designs to help people truly express their personality”.

Ways Of Travel owner Sangsoury creates each design personally, each design is simple but complex, having a much deeper meaning to what meets the eye. Sangsoury followed on to explain how he pours his adventures, along with his melancholy experiences into each designs in the hopes that every individual will relate to them in their own way. Sangsoury also spoke passionately on how he stays true to his brand, all of their apparel is made in south central Los Angeles and designs are applied in Nashville, keeping their brand as ethical as possible by sticking to 100% cotton material and ensuring working conditions are to the highest of standard for all employees.

After an insightful conversation with Sangsoury into the fundamentals behind his brand, we were interested to know his next steps and long term goals for the his business. “The long term goal for Ways Of Travel will be to have exclusive launches of apparel made and distributed in other countries, such as France and Italy. I ultimately want to bring joy and happiness to people through my brand, I make the upmost effort to do this as much as I can, we have recently sponsored some huge celebrity giveaways, the most recent Demi Rose.

Finally, we wanted to know more about Sangsoury, the person behind the brand, which is why we asked how and why he decided to launch Ways Of Travel. “I started the planning and design back in 2018. An apparel brand is not something I ever felt I would create. After graduating from high school back in 2012 I have since been trying to find my field. After taking 4 years to get an Associates Degree, which is supposed to be made in 2 years, I realised that I love creating. One major love of mine is music.

Throughout my life of being in many different choir groups, and taking many music/studio classes, I realised that the joy for me was the expression of creativity in creating music. Running parallel with this was my random doodling and drawing that led me into making more formed designs. Throughout life, I decided that music was a joy, and not necessarily a career passion. This led to me turning to my designing creativeness to leave a legacy behind. That reason, the mark in the world, is the legacy of Ways of Travel.” Find out more about Ways Of Travel by clicking here.

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