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Finance guru Handel Henri explains why people get it wrong on credit scores




Finance guru and philanthropist Handel “Del” Henri has expressed his theory as to why people get it wrong on credit scores. He believes that there “are different elements to why there is a bad credit score and there are ways to fix them”. 

It is now becoming very common for people to apply for loans online, due to the fact that things are now becoming more expensive than ever. However, there is also a common problem with people having issues with their credit score, meaning that they won’t be able to apply for loans. This can stop people from having different opportunities or help financial means.

According to the FICO score range between 300 to 850, if you have credit below 669 you are on the thin line of it being considered fair or bad. Financers call this group ‘subprime’ which indicates that those who are in this credit score category would have a hard time paying the money back or the loan. Those who have a great credit score above 669, are most likely to receive an acceptance for the loan that they have applied for.

Handel has explained that since his business is in this field, he can help people with their credit score. Born in Miami, Florida, Del Henri has grown up in one of the most developed countries in the world and has studied computer science at Florida University. He always took academics seriously and with his previous work experience at big time companies such as Apple, American Express, and AT&T Corporate, he has gained the knowledge and wisdom needed to pass on to those in need.

He believes that the best way to fix your credit score is to start with the small steps such as paying your bills on time, since this proves that you can be reliable when it comes to paying your loans on time. This is because when you show that you pay on time, you have a good payment performance which means that the financer can predict that your future payment habit will be good.

What specifically helps your credit score in regards to bills is paying your mobile phone and utility bills on time. This can allow financers to double check if the payment history is consistent. Another way is to pay off any outstanding debt you have in credit or loans and not to spend so much on your credit card. You shouldn’t open so many credit accounts if you don’t need them since this can rack up your credit score history and show that you are unable to maintain your money.

To understand your credit score completely, you have to do complex calculations as well as clear out any disputes or negative information that is on your credit report. Hendel wishes to help people understand their credit scores better and advise them every step of the way.

By having a good credit score, it can open up many opportunities financially for you. You can get the best deals, interest rates and loans from financiers and when you want to rent out property, your potential landlord will check your credit history to see if you are consistent with payments. A good credit score is what gives you the better chance of being able to purchase a new mobile phone on contract, a new computer, car, furniture or anything else that your heart desires.

H&H INVESTMENTS was named after Handel and his father, since his inspiration from his father was the reason why he became an entrepreneur. H&H INVESTMENTS offers financial services to clients, helping them with their credit scores and reports. He is willing to help people by fixing credit scores, since he believes that everyone deserves the opportunity. 

Handel stated, “The ethical core of my business is making sure they are always put in a better position after doing business with me, my main goal is honestly to help as many people as I can, I want to make sure that I can leave a legacy for everyone I come into contact with, I want them to remember me and in doing so, become more selfless themselves.I truly do support everything selfless in the world and even in business I try to connect with everyone on a spiritual level so that they know that they can always rely on me, we need more people in the world to rely on.”

Handel is a philanthropist and regularly donates food to the homeless and believes that there should be more housing available to those who are homeless. He strongly stands for selflessness and is always wanting to help people. He also believes that mutual love is very important, for it is also what connects to people. 

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