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How Webcams Changed Adult Entertainment




The adult entertainment industry has changed a lot over the decades but never as radically as it has since webcams started to make their footprint in what we all know as porn. If you think about it for a minute, it is downright interesting to see how user consumption of sex entertainment has shifted in the past 10 years.

If we look back at the very first start of sex based entertainment on the web, it used to be text-based fun, then came text + comic images, magazines, and lasty came the video. Considering the number of adult users who have gained access to higher speed internet feeds, webcams are now playing a very central role in the adult entertainment industry.

As a matter of fact, ever since the start of adult webcams, the porn industry has rapidly grown by leaps and bounds. The idea of interacting with the adult models who are just like you is and was quite intriguing. From the outset, once video chat sites launched people soon went crazy about how life-like the sexual experiences were that could be had online.

Interaction is the Key to Unlocking Fantasy

Over the past 15 years video chat has become the most interactive adult medium by far.

Truth be told, porn was one of the first industries to truly scale live webcam shows where thousands of people and even millions can be watching the same live cam at once. This was one the biggest challenges for many top companies looking to offer video chat around the world.

Many of these same first adult cam platforms have paved the way for how webcams can be integrated perfectly to increase the adult users ratio on traditional porn sites. Even free porn tube sites these days are focused around providing live webcam shows because it is the greatest revenue driver for these sites.

Think of this way, would you rather text chat with a model while she/he is performing, or would you rather have a two way cam2cam fun with them?

Clearly, the latter is much more appealing and it is obvious that seeing what other people are doing is a far more successful avenue for adult entertainment.

Adult Cam Sites Are Everywhere Nowadays.

If we look at closely, live sex wecams sites came from the belief that webcams integrations would unleash a whole new era sexual exploration. With live sex cams industry now being larger than all of online dating combined, it’s pretty clear that cams and porn work well together.

There is also the notion that human interaction drives better entertainment options; in an altruistic hope that the same levels of exploitation traditional porn carries are as common in sex cams. However, we both know that is both detabatable and may not be true. Just the same, webcams took a pivotal role in reshaping porn as we know it because it generates more revenue than recorded porn does.

What is true though is that the more we have human interaction with the adult models, the more we get connected beyond credits and tokens (i.e money). As an adult webcam user, you need to feel that you’re watching a fellow human being performing the show just for you to really understand how adult cams changed porn.

Socially, the challenges are large for xxx webcam sites though, because you’re letting an adult model perform live to adult users around the globe. Inevitably that leads to exploitation of its own kind and abusive comments about the models. That is just one of the negative effects of porn cams; oftentimes cam girls have to deal with considerable blowback from their career choices.

It should go without saying that users of adult webcam sites must have the decency to understand that the fellow webcam performer is a real person, has feelings, and is doing this as work. Abusing cam models is not acceptable and one should always be respectful on adult entertainment platforms. Also, (of course) these platforms are strictly reserved for adults 18+ years of age. 

Webcam Chat is Simple and Fun

On average, an adult user spends 2 hours in text-based adult platforms and spends 4-5 hours in webcam-based adult sites. That is exactly why adult entertainment industries are upgrading the basic text-based sites into video-based sites.

Be it chat sites, roulette sites, or voyeur cams, every one of them is trying harder to make sure the adult interactive experience is top-notch to improve the business.

I was intrigued and checked at some of the best adult webcam sites on the internet and understand how it was evolving exponentially. It is just extraordinary to see the way webcams have changed the face of adult entertainment and porn forever.

Some might even argue that the best porn sites are in fact live cam sites. We did a quick fact check using Alexa top adult sites in the world. We learned that 5 of the 10 top porn sites were in fact adult webcam sites. Most people would also be surprised to learn that Chaturbate free cams now even outranks YouPorn as far as daily visitors; which is the goliath free porn site of the internet over most of the past decade.

Whether webcam porn has elevated the adult entertainment industry or not is up for the individual consumer to decide, but webcams have certainly made a lasting impact in the world of adult entertainment and will continue to do so well into the future.

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