Fashion & Fitness, How This Young Influencer Raised the Bar

Creating a brand is no easy task for most, let alone a full-time student. Oren B. Segal is a 21-year old musician, student, and currently holds a job at the fitness studio, TONE HOUSE.  Born and raised in New York City, Oren was raised in a fast-paced world, and from a young age had always imagined himself finding a way to carve a piece of it for himself. Doing just that, Oren began playing the violin at the young age of 6 years old. He took this skill into high school and adulthood, where he performed with the world-renowned Kronos Quartet.

“I was made fun of and picked on as a kid, but didn’t let that stop me from following my dreams,” says Oren. His dreams did not end with just becoming a world-renowned musician. Branching out into modeling, fashion, photography has opened many doors for Oren and he continues to work within those fields today as a part of his personal brand. “In terms of fashion and modeling, the thing that really kept me going was wanting to constantly drive the force of attention and also stand out.” Oren stays away from following flavor-of-the-week fashion trends, and stays true to his sense of style and taste, rather than being a follower.

With an active lifestyle and mindset to stay unique, Oren has found himself in front of the camera often. From a young age, he was always interested in fashion and the modeling industry, and always wanted to become a part of it. Growing up in Manhattan, and often having to take the subway introduced Oren to many unforgettable moments and experiences. He wants to be a person who lives his life through these moments while forging his path to success.

Although Oren is currently a full-time student, he often contemplated joining the Navy in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Living in New York through the pandemic has significantly slowed down any modeling and fashion work, and despite being a generally motivated student, everyone begins to have their doubts. Oren is prepared to face these challenges and any new ones that come along and wants to set the bar high for himself and his friends as to what they can accomplish. “I’ve always felt the bar has always been raised above my head, but the adversity I’ve faced was more so if anything on the social side of the aisle. People working against me, my opinions or voice never being heard, and the discounting of my credibility due to my age.”

Oren is ready to now be the one to raise the bar, as he sees himself growing into a highly effective leader and person. From the discipline taught at a young age, from learning violin to the mentality and strength needed to be a personal trainer, Oren is equipped with the tools to fight through adversity and overcome these challenges.

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