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Fashion Company JPure Reinvents Itself to Survive the Pandemic




Some traditional businessmen believe that this is a bad time to either start a new business or grow one’s company. Emerging companies like JPure, however, have found a way to turn a time of crisis into a season of opportunities. Instead of slowing down due to the ongoing pandemic, JPure reinvented itself not just to stay afloat but to thrive as they have never done before.

This time of reinvention, however, comes at a price. JPure founder Joshua Smith Bowman and the rest of his team all agreed to make significant sacrifices that entail not receiving salaries from the beginning of the quarantine period until the end of 2020 so that they can redirect their remaining funds to increase the value of the company. As a result, the company is now one of the few fashion houses in the world that is able to produce and own all their equipment, do their own production, create their own music, logos, and provide talents at the same time. 

Outsourcing these basic needs before the pandemic took so much time. Now with all their needs available in-house, the possibilities are limitless. Joshua Smith Bowman is poised to bring JPure to the next level despite the crisis the world is facing by designing and creating all their products from swimwear to men’s ready-to-wear shorts, unisex accessories, women’s ready to wear apparel, and face coverings. Having on-hand equipment 24/7 allows the company to schedule photo shoots at their most convenient time. 

At the height of the pandemic, JPure was able to successfully do three photoshoots that were compliant to the physical distancing requirements of authorities. Additionally, they were able to mount two soirees with flying colors, all while ensuring that everyone kept a specified distance between each other. Without compromising the health and safety of his team, Joshua Smith Bowman was able to transform his company into something that is ready to achieve greater feats. 

JPure was able to invest in its new equipment by utilizing its revenue from the last few months. Increasing the value of the company was made possible through the team’s collective efforts in developing a website, designing and producing their own products, maximizing the benefits of social media promotions and street promotions. To create strong awareness for their brand and help others in need, the company gave out a total of 9,000 masks to children and individuals living in poor parts of the country. Not only that, but JPure also took notice of couriers and gave them 600 masks. 

The company’s present state is inspiring its founder to come up with more ideas in order to bring the business further. At present, he is strategizing on making promising collaborations that will guarantee the success of JPure. By inviting other companies that have a similarity with what JPure is already offering, working together is highly likely the best way to go. From these collaborations, he hopes to establish a conglomerate that will allow clients to enjoy many services under one roof.

As the future of JPure is shining brightly as ever, the company is surely bound for success and more diversified services in the near future. 

Learn more about JPure by visiting its website. Follow its Facebook and Instagram pages for updates. 

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