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EXCLUSIVE: Meet California based Yoga Instructor Nina Jarnum




Nina Jarnum

Nina Jarnum is a Danish born, Northern California based Yoga teacher. Always seeking a deeper understanding of yoga and movement, she is continuously adding to her training and challenging her athletic abilities.

Thank you for speaking with us today! First of all, what first attracted you to California?

I actually moved to California without ever having been here. I think the idea of California is almost mythical; sun, sand and surf… what movies are made of. Of course, I quickly discovered that there is so much more to this beautiful place; Incredible nature, cities, wine country, amazing food … this state has it all!

What has been the most inspirational moment you’ve experienced as a yoga teacher?

My students inspire me all the time, there is no way I can pick a specific moment. Watching someone dedicate themselves to their practice, starting from ground zero, and then witness their little victories; be it holding the handstand or finally grabbing their feet and getting into bow pose, the look in that person’s eyes, as they are having their own personal little victory is so powerful… and it never gets old.

What’s your favorite yoga quote or mantra?

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self” from the Bhagavad Gita. It describes beautifully the deeper journey of yoga. What goes on behind the scenes if you want.

Nina Jarnum

Why do you teach?

After having practiced for over 10 years with no ambition to teach, I started feeling like I had something to say; a voice and viewpoint to add. Sharing my passion with others, and in some small way inspire them to go deeper within or teach them to be present in their bodies or love themselves a little more .. it’s such an honour.

Do you have any recommended yoga reading?

I think a must-read is Eckhart Tolle; The Power of Now. Although its technically not a yoga book, it is all about the internal practice of yoga! This book will set you on a path of exploring being present and observing yourself and your reactions to the world.

What is your favorite yoga pose and why?

Don’t really think I have one. I guess my favorite pose is whatever my body needs that day. It used to be my handstand practice, but in the last year or so, I’ve started to pay a lot more attention to what my body needs … its less ego driven I guess (still love my handstands though).

Nina Jarnum

What has been your biggest struggle and your biggest milestone in the practice?

My biggest physical struggle is backbends; years of competitive horse riding left me far from flexible. Opening my upper back and shoulders is a constant in my practice. I guess my biggest milestone is learning to love backbends despite not being great at them… funnily enough, and probably because of my struggles, it has become one of my favorite things to teach!

My other struggle is my monkey brain… slowing down and being still is always a challenge for me, which is probably why yoga is such a necessity in my life.

Lastly, What is your dharma, your life mission?

I see it as my dharma to live truthfully and authentically, even when it’s hard. I make the most impact when I share my imperfections, my failures as well as victories and speak from the heart. I know its a little lofty and not super specific, but I really don’t like making too many presumptions about what my journey is… I’ll rather just experience it as I go.


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