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Etai Drori, a designer, creating some Chic custom made products




There aren’t many issues with a name as similar in design as Etai Drori. He is truly going to be the maker of the world’s most iconic products in future. He is delivering some spectacular pieces which show his powerful creative mind. He has the mastery of making custom made Bags, pants, t-shirts, jackets, kids clothes, newly added masks. His printed work is genuinely outstanding; we can say pure class no lesser than top brand Louis Vuitton collection. 

Etai Drori has collaborated with a top brand which he is not disclosing right now, but by looking to his taste, we can say he is part of the biggest brand of the world. Once his work comes out as his own, we feel he is going to win many prestigious awards because of his designing skills. Etai Drori is an up and coming talent who is going to surprise a large number of audiences with his chic designs. 

If you see his custom made products on Instagram @etai, you will get the idea about this genius. His products are way ahead then ordinary designers who have attracted us the most towards his work. 

His latest collection of custom made mask; bags are simply amazing. With his custom made design, you get new prints which are trending and very classy. 

Like Louis Vuitton, he is creating a new line of ready to wear bold clothing without being over the top. While he has remade the classical Louis Vuitton emblems, its iconic print remains recognisable at the forefront of the designs. 

Etai Drori can design iconic bags in their familiar classic silhouettes. Keepall bags, backpacks, cross-body bags, and weekend style bags. He also came up with some stunning printed masks as he decides to make the mask an essential product for 2020.

To all the fashion lovers, he is the man you must follow his custom made collection. It is no lesser than the top brands. For us, he comes in world-class designers who can create quality printed designs which Etai Drori gives in products. 

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