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Emerging Maimi artist Stillxwaters drops his 1st official music video for his latest single “Love Conquers All”




In this heartfelt track, Waters performs an emotional melodic anthem with real-life feelings and meaning behind every lyric.

The 27-year-old Miami native professionally known as Stillxwaters faced one of life’s most feared obstacles which was drug addiction! With artists like Travis Scott and Lil Wayne heavily influencing the culture with lean and Xanax abuse, they don’t think about how it may affect artists who look up to them.

September of 2018, Stillxwaters checked himself into a rehab facility to face his fears to become the artist well all soon to grow on and love.

Heavily influenced by Travis Scott, he also released a mixtape named “days before rehab” mimicking Travis Scott’s “days before rodeo”. At that time, his supporters assumed it was just the name of the project but they soon came to find out that Waters would be gone for a total of 5 months!

Upon Waters’ return, a new mindset was birthed & he came back to the music scene better than ever, with new music, new visuals, & new production crew. Waters even went as far as directing his own music video!

During the music video, you’ll see Stillxwaters wearing a straightjacket halfway fastened and half-open meaning even though he’s succeeding with his music career, he still feels his old ways creeping upon him. You will also see Waters looking at himself in a hole at the beginning of the video after shooting his old self in the head to get rid of all his “demons”.

I got a quote from Waters and he said “The only way to get rid of the past is to bury it”. This video is sincere with a dark twist and if you haven’t seen it yet please tune and learn a thing or two From Stillxwaters about how love conquers all.


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