Embarrassing Bodies’ Doctor Christin Jessen Supports Vaping

The medical profession does not openly advise smokers to switch to vaping for better health results. But Embarrassing Bodies’ Doctor Christin Jessen has supported the vaping over smoking after Cardiff university study. The study found that vaping is not a path to tobacco addiction. It reduces smoking among adults.

Dr. Jessen supported his fellow clinicians who advise their patients to quit smoking and adopt vaping. He said that we are missing the opportunity of getting public health prize if the medical profession does not encourage smokers to adopt vaping. Vaping has helped more than 3.2 million vapers in quitting smoking and it is helping NHS to treat fewer people with cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Jessen has pointed out a lot of proofs that show vaping can reduce smoking-related problems. He also added that doctors should give advice to smokers on how to deal with smoking-related diseases through vaping.

According to a report of the UK Vaping Industry Association, switching from smoking to vaping can save almost £346 a year and it could save nationwide almost £1.1bn. UKVIA has also reported that the long term effect of vaping is smaller than the long term effect of smoking.

People are now considering vaping a better option over smoking. They are buying quality vape products, full of variety, from providers like Kev’s Vape. People are visiting this website to find large varieties in vaping products.

Addiction to anything has two sides. One is physical and other is psychological. Psychology deals with smoking on various issues like how a smokers thinks about smoking. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is considered for treating the psychological side of addiction. It replaces negative thoughts with positive thoughts. This replacement of thoughts is very helpful to quit smoking.

Vape manufacturers are making their products based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

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