A Change in Lifestyle can Reduce Smartphone Addiction

Everybody is walking, sleeping and eating in the presence of their smartphones. The extreme use of smartphones is bringing many negative consequences in humans. These negative consequences are not easy to detect but they leave long term effects on habits and health.

Now it is time to use a digital detox to use the technology when it is more necessary. People are averagely spending three to four hours on their smartphones. Though they are finding new things, it is coming with a high cost such as feeling exhausted, tired eyes, and headaches and anxiety.

The digital detox to get rid of extreme use of smartphones is not a drug or syrup. It is just a change in lifestyle that many smart people are using now to make less use of digital technology. According to a post published in Josep Vinaixa, smart people are avoiding to use smartphones in the different gaps of daily life such as waiting for someone at a coffee shop, stopping at a traffic light or bus stop. They are using this extra time to discover the surrounding after taking a deep breath.

Many people are also refreshing their relations with their niece – nephews, and their aunt – uncles, to get away from the smartphones. Visiting their maternal and paternal homes has become quite a trend among many teenagers now. Some are even going for matching baby niece and aunt shirt to express their love and adoration for their relatives.

After maintaining such habits for a few days or weeks, digital detox starts working and the smartphone users avoid to use it unnecessarily.

According to health experts, smartphone users should spend a day in a week without their devices. It is very necessary for the proper functionality of mind. Smartphone keeps the human mind continuously working, sometimes without any reason. And this can make mind sick and blunt.

Every country is focusing on enhancing their digital technology but the governments should understand the extreme use of the technology that is spoiling the health of people. There should be some restrictions from governments, telecom operators and smartphone manufacturers so that the extreme use of smartphones could be avoided.

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