Duplicent’s Geofenced Cloud Applications Technology Provides the Next Level of Functionality and Ease of Use for Stores and Shoppers, Announces Inventor Curren Krasnoff

Duplicent (duplicent.com), an emerging powerful contender in the tech-innovation world, is making its mark with disruptive technologies in the fields of energy, automobiles, cloud computing, computer memory, phones, aviation, earthquake mitigation, and other sectors while remaining passionate about using technology to improve the lives of individuals on the planet. 

Among the most user-friendly of Duplicent’s recent inventions is its Geofenced Cloud Applications technology, a cloud computing architecture that allows smartphone software applications to be hosted and processed in the cloud. Each application, dedicated to a geofenced (GPS coordinate) location, streams instantly to a smartphone while its user is in that particular geofenced area—there’s no need to download the application, which is instantly available on the phone.

Consider the effect this might have on, say, shopping at a mall. A customer in the geofenced location can visit a store and employ a streaming application to find a product, then purchase it using the streamed application on their smartphone. The application then generates a copy of the receipt which may be sent to the store, and the store may check the customer’s products, after which the shopper exits the store. The streaming platform, accessed by a universal application on the user’s smartphone, detects whether the user is in a geofenced location and thus releases the stream. The platform provides access to a variety of store applications without shoppers having to download each application, saving both memory and time on their smartphones and offering a new degree of functionality and convenience of use.

Duplicent is also working on other technologies in various stages of development. Among the other technologies for which Duplicent has filed patents are engines, braking technologies, energy technologies, computer memory technologies, phones, aircraft, and earthquake mitigation technologies. 

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