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Dr. Simon Ourian’s Coolaser for Acne Scars




If you deal with acne, acne scars are likely one of your biggest enemies. Acne scars are small indentations in your skin caused by moderate or severe acne. When your skin tries to repair itself after the initial inflammation clears up, scar tissue appears. There are several types of acne scars depending on the size and shape of the initial breakout, and they can all be difficult to deal with.

Dr. Simon Ourian, a celebrity cosmetic dermatology doctor, is a world-renowned expert in successfully treating acne scars. He has leveraged his knowledge of plastic surgery, dermatology, and anti-aging medicine to create a brand new treatment for acne scarring called the Coolaser.

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Exclusively available at EPIONE® Beverly Hills 😷Treatment: Coolaser® skin resurfacing 🎯 Purpose: Removal of acne scars ✏ Note: Individual results may vary 📱 Phone: 310-746-5233 📬 Email: 🌍 Website: 📍 Location: Epione Beverly Hills 👏 Technique: Coolaser® cross-section lifting 😴 Anesthesia: Topical ⏰Time it takes: 30 mins -45 mins 📆Recovery: average 2 days of social downtime 👍Lasts: permanent 💣Caution: Must be performed by an experienced provider 😱Pain level: varies for each person: mild-mod 💵National Average Cost: $4900-$7900 depending on the size of the area and depth of treatments 💳 Initial Private Consultation: $500 credited towards the cost of the treatment. © copyright 2015-2019 by Simon Ourian, MD and Epione – Always consult your healthcare professional for specific advice related to your medical conditions and treatment, including all risks and potential benefits of undergoing this treatment. Only your healthcare professional can assess whether you are an appropriate candidate for this procedure. – * 😟 Unfortunately there are some fake sites and pages that claim to be either affiliated with us or put Epione or Simon Ourian on their IG page and other places. For this reason you see “Exclusively at Epione Beverly Hills” to emphasize that we only have one location and offer all these services only at this one location in Beverly Hills. Thank you 🙏🏼. – #coolaser #coollaser #acne #acnescars #acnescarsremoval #simonourian #epione #beverlyhills #california

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Laser skin resurfacing treatments are among the best ways to remove facial blemishes of all kinds, but people with sensitive skin may react to the treatment. Dr. Ourian solves this problem by cooling the treatment area with a proprietary machine beforehand, the Coolaser, reducing the discomfort a patient experiences. Then, therapeutic lasers are shined on the skin to stimulate cellular repair and collagen stimulation.

Since Dr. Ourian can shine the light exactly where he wants to, there is virtually no risk of lasers hitting untargeted areas. Coolaser is also a minimally invasive procedure, so patients usually don’t have a long recovery period before they can go back to living their lives—this is usually what makes people consider non-surgical procedures over surgical ones.

Dr. Ourian’s private practice at Epione Beverly Hills is currently the only place to get Coolaser treatments from. The innovative technique works well for the correction of melasma, wrinkles, and sun spots, too. Interested readers can follow Dr. Ourian on Instagram if they would like to learn more about his work, or visit

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