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Devastating Event Fails to Derail Artist Colton Graves




Unfortunately, incidents have a way of shaping and directing a person’s path in life.  Country singer Colton Graves has lived this firsthand.  He grew up in Folsom, California, where experience on a ranch and singalong truck rides with his grandfather set the stage for nothing less than a boy obsessed with county music.  Support from his father’s guitar and six-track recorder gave the needed progression to begin writing and recording. 

Despite the nostalgic childhood memories of country music, there is one key event that shaped Colton’s life and pointed him fully toward music. In a personal interview, he revealed, “my best friend Bryce passed away a few years back. He was the man, and working through that has been very hard. I figured I would try hard in music for both of us since he was always there when I was writing my music and would give me his ‘professional’ opinions”. 

Since then, Colton signed with the label Extreme Music / Sony ATV and anticipates excellent success on his recently released EP entitled “Smile for Me.” This work is a combination of songs that each contain their own unique story and seek to encapsulate an “out in the country” sound.

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