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Elijah Ross Creates A Future For Himself With GYW Entertainment Inc.




Elijah Ross is a former artist and DJ who co-founded his company GYW Entertainment Inc. and has been on a roll as of recently. With the surge of more and more independent artists beginning careers than ever before, Elijah Ross has become a favorite resource for everything entertainment related.

Elijah Ross first began getting connected to the music scene when he was 13 years old and started playing shows as an artist and DJ. As years passed, he gained many connections and started helping other artists book shows, and realized the potential for growing a business with a similar model. Fast-forwarding to now, Elijah Ross has helped over 100 clients become successful with their brands.

Elijah Ross still finds his biggest satisfaction with helping other creatives despite the massive success currently happening. Being a creative himself, he knows precisely how to communicate with his clients. When asked about what he likes about his line of work, the entrepreneur said, “The most rewarding part of my job is helping others transition into their dreams”.

Going from artist and DJ to a one-stop-shop for everything entertainment-related has been Elijah Ross’s claim to fame. Able to understand a client’s perspective, Elijah Ross has built the trust and relationships with his clientele that will bring him success for years to come.

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