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Denise Borrelli, A Marketing Mixologist, Explains How Marketing Is Like Making Cocktails




Successful marketing mixology is not a race or an overnight success, it is more of a journey. Blending marketing strategies is like preparing a spicy-sweet cocktail. The right ingredients can tantalize tastebuds and create an enjoyable experience for customers.

One of the thriving Marketing Mixologists and Online educators, Denise Borrelli, has been pulling off this game of marketing with an aim to help brands and individuals grow. She says, “today businesses get the finest taste of success when their brand takes a dive into these concoctions. Nowadays, when an expert marketing strategy and amazing content is tailored and worked up together to build a brand, it creates winners in no time.”

Unlike any marketing coach and expert, Denise has pinned her intentions to curate strategies that work on a foundation of a solid plan and stay anchored for a long time in the industry. While the marketing game has mindboggling possibilities to experiment with, she believes every business needs a unique approach and careful efforts to accomplish those groundbreaking results.

Denise is one of those people who believe in perfectionism with her own little twists and turns. A typical marketing session with her acquaints one with actionable and consumable techniques that aim to engage and captivate the ideal audience and encourage conversions. For years, Denise has pioneered the strategies of creating a magnetic marketing experience for brands and, now she is advancing it through her programs.

‘Passion To Profits’ framework is a brainchild of her past experiences and knowledge. It strengthens her clients’ equation with marketing strategies to consistently deliver ideal results for clients and businesses.

Amidst the cutthroat competition, Denise often advises her clients to “Sharpen the natural skills. It is not your job to be liked by everyone. It is your job to best serve those who are a good fit for what you offer and appreciate what you bring to the table.” In a world where countless internet gurus are promising “overnight success”, Denise shapes her coaching processes to create a long-term sustainable plan.

Today, developing marketing mixology is synonymous with blending art and science. It can build trust and credibility to position one as an authority, drive the story to the right people and let one’s work relish the recognition it deserves. Steering her aim of creating mixologists in the industry, Denise thrives on bringing people closer to their dream life, a life that she loves every day and aims to build for others too!

She says, “Your business is people and those people are after one thing…RESULTS! If you can’t consistently deliver ideal results then you won’t have a business.”

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