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Decentralized banking comes closer to reality with Nimbus Platform




Technological innovations occurring globally have given greater space and legitimacy to decentralized finance, or DeFi, as a viable option for managing assets and transactions, and as well another access to alternative financial services. As nations around the world embrace cryptocurrency and DeFi continues to gain momentum despite its critics and skeptics, tools for functioning in this space have only become more necessary, and the Nimbus platform takes the lead with its robust offerings expertly crafted to suit its users’ needs the best.

The Nimbus platform delivers clarity and wide-ranging, comprehensive solutions to the DeFi space by addressing many of the market’s current needs, and creating better incentives for prospective and existing users, while providing all-in-one financial service. Currently, DeFi financiers must turn to multiple different apps to conduct different types of business such as purchases or sales, transfers, deposits, lending and borrowing funds and other common finance activities not taking into consideration the use of different blockchains across user experience. Nimbus users can conduct multiple transaction types on the same platform through their sleek, user-focused system offering a wide range of financial services, executing them on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks.

The idea behind Nimbus is to put the user first: make banking in the DeFi space secure and efficient while also allowing users multiple ways to make money. Through the use of Decentralized Autonomous Organization, or DAO, Nimbus provides 16 different possible revenue streams for users to take advantage of. In order to gain access to the product line a user needs to connect his private wallet to the platform, swap funds from blockchain’s coins into native tokens of the platform: NBU and GNBU. Nimbus also has plans to provide IPO participation for members as well as crypto-trading, a long list of dApps, and more.

Finance and tech are complex fields that require the highest level of security protection to all of its users at every turn. Similarly, centralized finance and tech (the “big guys”) can place distance between the user and the process, which isn’t the best for inspiring trust or building community. In this way, Nimbus offers financiers something different: the familiar, accessible feel of a small group atmosphere while also giving users the ability to participate in decentralized exchange, swap machine, dApps, voting mechanism, staking, P2P exchange, and lending and borrowing. Nimbus developers and users work in tandem to keep the Nimbus ecosystem beneficial and accessible for everyone. The Nimbus platform will also provide a level of transparency that large, centralized firms simply cannot due to their multilayered structure. Transparency is achieved through use of smart contracts executed on blockchains and regular independent audits conducted on multi-level schemes.

Decentralized Finance is growing in popularity because consumers are only interested in putting their money into systems they can trust. Investing requires skill, connections, and capital, which constructs value and needs to be secured. Large, centralized financial institutions have earned a poor reputation due to the headlines they’ve earned over mishandling of member data and assets. The financial crash of 2008 kicked off the quest for alternative banking options, and our world’s current happenings further support the idea of securing finances in a decentralized way. By decentralizing, the platform is driven largely by its users and the community they form via voting mechanism and GNBU token dedicated to governance issues. Trust, integrity, security, and transparency were the very ingredients that went into making the Nimbus platform. To put it simply, Nimbus is the DeFi game changer everyone has been wanting but didn’t know how to create.

The team behind Nimbus encapsulates a wealth of knowledge and experience that includes proven success in Fintech, Crypto, Blockchain, Cyber Security, and AI/ML. The Nimbus leadership team has worked in startup scenarios and in large corporations, contributing to the company’s ability to be agile and responsive – massive advantages in finance and tech. While they have a clear grasp on the needs of today’s users, remaining proactive will keep their platform engaging, secure, and efficient for the future. Nimbus is equipped for it all, and because of its agility, so are its users.

Another advantage to point out is the multi-product line developed to consolidate adequate and understandable user experience by providing all-in-one financial services and covering main banking functions, like the opportunity to deposit funds, borrow credits and even providing funds for lending. Nimbus encompasses another DeFi related activities just by organizing appropriate space for them. Users have the opportunity to participate in staking by providing additional liquidity for interest in return. As well there is P2P exchange without any fees from the platform, thus enabling users to exchange assets directly with each other, only improving overall financial experience.

Nimbus currently boasts 57,000 wallets connected to its platform worldwide, with at least 28,000 active wallets and counting in China, Korea, Turkey, India, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, Africa, Latin America, Spain, and former Soviet Union countries. With a wide reach and its attractive interface, the community behind Nimbus matches the enterprising nature of the app itself.

Services provided by Nimbus construct professional atmosphere capable of competing with classical centralized banking services, while at the same moment building more trust and auditable platform, which distinguish its services from centralized entities. As financiers new and old continue to enter and move about in the DeFi space, priority will be placed on using tools and systems that work reliably, and Nimbus cements its place at the forefront of this evolving industry.

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