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David x Goliath: Bidi™ Vapor’s Story of Taking Over America’s Vaping Industry




Going against the major industry names has never been easy. To get the attention of its target market, Bidi™ Vapor has to position the brand differently from its predecessors. It succeeded in bridging the market gap through innovative product engineering and sustainable development. The same tactics will hopefully place Bidi™Vapor on the frontline in the vaping industry.

Grant-Valkaria, Florida, April 1, 2020. Being the new player in the vaping industry is challenging. Over the years, there are several products that have gained customer’s attention first. Some of these big names have bigger operational and marketing budgets, along with market connections. So in a sense, as Bidi™ Vapor enters the highly competitive market, it is considered as David vying for more market reach than the existing Goliaths in the industry. As Bidi Vapor competes with the current established brands in the market, it has to find a market gap and provide an unmet solution which is precisely what Niraj Patel, the CEO of Bidi Vapor, has done.

As we sat down with Patel,we had a glimpse of what the brand stands for and what its plans for the future.

How Bidi™ Vapor Competes with Big Industry Names

Strongest Nicotine Formulation

If you were a smoker trying to transition to vaping, the highest possible nicotine formulation is at 2.4% before the Bidi™ Stick. This product does not give the same satisfaction that the smoker gets from a traditional cigarette. Even when oils that contain 5% nicotine were available, users beforehand were not completely happy with it. It pushed them to go back to smoking the regular cigarette. Why?

  • Current products in the market do not deliver a consistent nicotine experience—its performance decreases over time.
  • Devices do not have long-lasting charges; their batteries do not hold for long.
  • Manufacturers do not create devices by keeping the consumer experience in mind. Companies are focusing on supplying the increasing demand in the market rather than satisfying their customers, which is a more profitable approach for them.

To solve these issues, Patel increased the nicotine level to 6% in their product. However, when you increase the nicotine strength for more than 5%, flavors will start to fade over time. The flavors are precise at the beginning, but it will soon feel like a completely different product toward the end. So how did Bidi Vapor handle this problem? Their innovative research and product engineering gave consumers a better vaping experience.

“Our product is the smoothest in the industry. [Our product] is the strongest in the industry. And it still doesn’t lose its chemical structure to the last drop,” said Patel confidently.

Hardware Engineering

Another problem in the current market is the result of repeatedly heating the device. It gives a bitter aftertaste, which Patel has also resolved for the Bidi Stick. Incorporated within the product is a medical-grade cotton tank, commonly used in surgeries, that preserves the liquid and only absorbs what was burning at any given time. The hardware’s design also delivers the same clean and consistent 6% nicotine regardless of how long you drag from the vape pen.

He said, “That’s what we have perfected so the consumers [is satisfied] every time they vape. Day, night, or whenever, they get the same strength, and that’s what’s missing in the industry (before Bidi Stick). So we made each puff count.”

In addition, the battery in Bidi Stick has certifications including: CE, FCC, and RoHS, like phone batteries. These certifications mean that the consumers can trust that the material is high quality and safety-checked for use. The battery is reliable and powers the Bidi Experience and is an important component of this product.

Mouthpiece Model

Bidi Vapor perfected its  airtight mouthpiece model. After two years, Bidi perfected the model’s design to prevent air leaks, which in turn, eliminate the filtered sound when taking a drag.

Compared to other vaping devices, liquid oftentimes enters your mouth due to condensation. Some vape product manufacturers use synthetic cotton or microfiber cotton to resolve this issue. However, it endangers one’s health as those particles may enter your body when vaping. But with Bidi Stick, that issue is eliminated as the product has a medical-grade and highly sterile pad to avoid the bitter after-taste of condensation.

“Everybody in the industry is using a cotton piece to absorb those droplets. What we have done differently is use a high-grade pad that is more than enough to absorb (the condensation rate of) one-and-a-half Bidi Stick. We overdeliver the absorption capacity in a very sterile pad,” Patel said.

Responsible Marketing

When asked about marketing, Patel said that the vision of Bidi Sticks is strictly designed for adults only. Companies have been forced to suspend business by  both lawmakers and the public for being a catalyst in the increase of teenage vaping through targeted marketing.

Patel reiterated, “If you look at the Bidi Stick packaging and the hardware, there are no fancy colors and attractive images that attract the young ones to the product. It comes in a sleek and professional look rather than a child-attractive look. It’s more presentable and luxurious but not attractive to kids.”

Aside from its ethical marketing tactics, Bidi Vapor has set strict age verification gateways to ensure vape pens do not fall in the hands of kids, The hardware and the way the company positions itself in the market is an essential part of responsible marketing.

Trustworthy Manufacturing

Bidi Vapor ensures cleanliness and safety from the start of production up to packaging.  Its manufacturing facilities have GMP, ISO 9001, and FDA QSR 820 processes in place. These certifications and procedures mean they follow strict guidelines in manufacturing each Bidi Stick to produce a consistent and highly-controlled quality standard that is safe to consume for the human body.

Safe and Informative Packaging

The Bidi Stick packaging includes the nicotine dosage and product usage instruction. Additionally, there are different kinds of warnings on age limitation, nicotine-addiction, and battery hazards.

The product also comes with a child/tamper-proof packaging that serves as an extra layer of protection from kids and pets.

Moreover, each Bidi Stick package comes with a batch number, lot number, and expiration date. If anything happens in the market, the company can easily trace its production cycle and prove whether the product in question is a counterfeit or not.


Bidi™ Vapor’s Unique Advantage

Bidi Vapor’s disposable vape pens and pods are revolutionary to protecting the planet. Batteries improperly discarded is also another problem. However, Bidi Stick balances that impact with a practical eco-platform.

“We took the initiative to build the battery so that we can collect them back and recycle them. If you look at our company, we’re a small one compared to others in the whole industry. But we invested so much in the beginning, so our product can be helpful to the environment also,” Patel said.

The company created the  Bidi Cares campaign,  Save your Bidi. Save our Planet.” The campaign leads an eco-friendly program with rewards to encourage their consumers to participate. Bidi Sticks can be shipped back to the company’s recycling facility by simply printing a label from home and shipping it out.

A Little Backstory on the Man Behind Bidi™ Vapor

Patel is the leader that drives Bidi Vapor to the forefront in the vaping industry. In 2005, he came to America with his family after graduating with a pharmacist degree in  India. After a few years, Patel studied at Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida, for a degree in chemistry. He also studied management and is also a Six Sigma Black Belt.

Patel received his first experience with nicotine through his family’s business.

“Our family in India manages a tobacco business. We process the tobacco leaf and supply it to the cigarette manufacturers in India and bidi suppliers. I have been in the tobacco industry for a long time. A “bidi” is also known as a hand-rolled cigarette in India, so they use a lot of loose-leaf tobacco in making their bidi recipe. The bidi cigarette is the strongest and most natural in the world. There are no chemicals or added preservatives to a bidi, it is simply pure crushed tobacco leaf and then rolled into a natural tobacco leaf paper. My father, Karnesh Patel, has been doing this for almost 30 years now. He worked for somebody and then started his own successful business. We process the tobacco leaf and supply it to the cigarette manufacturers in India and bidi suppliers in any quantities. We are the same family with the same values, but now it is the strongest and most natural extracted version of tobacco in nicotine for the BIDI Stick.”

Apart from his learnings while growing up in the tobacco industry, Patel is thankful for all the support and ideas from the people around him.

“I am thankful to Eric Mosser, our COO, for his strong support throughout the years. He always motivates me to go further and achieve beyond what is required in the business. I’m also grateful to Hemang Patel for being supportive especially during the hard times, and for working hard on building the sales and marketing of Bidi Stick from the start. And I also want to thank Bhavnaben Patel, my mentor, for keeping me laser-focused on my vision.”

Nirajkumar Patel on the Bidi™ Vision

Prior to FDA rules and other federal regulations becoming increasingly stringent in regulating the vaping industry, Bidi Vapor had been forward-thinking from the start. The company ensures that the product gives the customers a better experience while avoiding any legislative issues and developing everything correctly from pen number one. .

“The reason why we did what we did is to provide a better product, a top-quality product. We don’t want to provide a product with even minor problems, whether direct or indirect problems. We know what was right for the industry. The way we structured our company models and the vision, and the device we made, we think that this should be the next industry leader – globally,” said Patel.

Bidi Vapor, as a business, is not wholly focused on profit alone. They also take into consideration the consumer experience while using each product they sell. More importantly, they are passionate about how they can adequately facilitate the disposal and recycling of the Bidi Stick to protect the environment.

Looking into the ingenuity, product specs, and the recycling platform, the value that one Bidi Stick provides the consumer is reasonable and relative compared to other vaping products in the market today.

Today, Bidi Vapor is still a young startup competing against the big tobacco and vape companies dominating the market. But with its high-quality product and notable social responsibility platform, it is bound to win its way to the top. Bidi Vapor is similar to the story of  David and Goliath, regardless of how small you are, as long as you are confident in your business you will succeed.

At BIDI™ Vapor, the fuel of our innovation towards the creation of our pride, the BIDI™ Stick, is our genuinely driven desire to aid the transition of millions of cigarette smokers across the globe. The intention of providing an accessible alternative to facilitate a smooth transition for people who intend to lessen and to quit smoking eventually is in the BIDI Vapor DNA.

Our vision is to be the renowned best provider for the most flavorful yet pleasurable transitional experience in the vaping industry with the primary intent of providing a solution for people who aspire to eliminate their smoking habit in a healthier, more practical, and stylish way. And ultimately, to significantly contribute to a smoke-free world for our future generations to come.

For more information, please contact 1-(833) FOR-BIDI or email us

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