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David Urban and ACG Recognized for Performance by Bloomberg Government Report




Recently, American Continental Group (ACG) was recognized as one of the top-performing lobbying firms in the United States by Bloomberg Government. David Urban, the President of ACG, leads a qualified team of 35 lobbyists and support personnel.

ACG has become an influential member of the lobbying community in Washington. Their mission is to help their client companies and organizations receive legislative and financial support from the government. Their clients value their expertise.

The Bloomberg Government Report

Bloomberg Government’s 2019 report focuses on the strengths of their standout lobbying firms. The firms on the list were selected on the grounds of revenue growth, growth in average revenue per client, client retention, and employee profitability. ACG competed well in all of these categories and earned special recognition for its efforts as a standout firm.

The report by Bloomberg Government was compiled by experts in politics and business. Bloomberg Government has a unique level of knowledge about the Washington political scene. Their report synthesizes information from the company’s proprietary data sets and their knowledge of the activities of each firm. The report is available as a free download on Bloomberg Government’s website.

The Work of ACG

ACG is based in Washington, DC. The firm specializes in regulatory and legislative matters in a variety of industries including defense, financial services, healthcare, technology, and many others. The company is also involved in helping companies with mergers, partnerships, and development. ACG helps its clients negotiate and receive government contracts as well.

The firm is bipartisan in nature, taking clients from both sides of the aisle. This means that the firm is able to take a balanced view of the problems and issues affecting multibillion-dollar corporations and nonprofits around the country and around the world.

ACG’s unique ability to interface with a wide variety of government personnel and institutions gives their clients a better chance of success in their endeavors. Through their familiarity with the Washington scene, ACG is able to guide its clients toward the outcomes they wish to receive.

The Role of a Lobbying Firm

Lobbying firms like ACG do more than promote legislation that helps their clients in their line of work. They are also responsible for managing government affairs and helping to negotiate contracts. A lobbying firm can take on many additional responsibilities to serve their clients’ best interests.

Lobbying firms are also frequently involved in managing mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activities. This process can be extremely challenging and involves the work of many employees for a long period of time. Pushing a merger through may be resisted by government agencies or by the companies involved in the case of a hostile takeover. Lobbying firms help to remove some of the obstacles experienced in the course of doing business.

Not only private companies but also non-profit organizations rely on lobbying to accomplish their goals. Non-profits may need a different level of assistance from their lobbying firms. Non-profit organizations are interested in achieving government recognition for their activities and attempting to influence legislation that impacts their clients.

The Impact of Lobbying

In a study of the top ten Fortune 100 companies, it was found that lobbying carried an ROI (return on investment) of 1,000 to 1. This means that for every dollar spent on lobbying, the companies received $1,000 in grants and contracts from the federal government.

While some businesses are skeptical about the positive impact of lobbying, this figure underscores the unique importance of lobbyists in today’s business world and emphasizes that lobbying is an effective use of a company’s budget.

Lobbying also takes place at the state and local level, increasing the opportunity to gain contracts. State and local lobbyists have the same ability to influence policy and support their clients’ needs.

David Urban

Prior to his career with ACG, Urban was the Chief of Staff for Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA). He also spent time as an attorney. At the beginning of his career, he was a decorated Army officer in Desert Storm. Urban has also been a political commentator on CNN. The variety of roles he has played both in government and in the private sector leads him to a more complete understanding of his clients’ needs.

ACG Recognized for Excellence

Many firms and nonprofits rely on ACG to manage their governmental affairs. The Bloomberg Government report acknowledges ACG’s impact on the lobbying industry. This data-driven report emphasizes the influence of ACG and its competitors in Washington and across the country.

David Urban and his employees will continue to be instrumental in government and private industry circles. Urban’s company plans to remain at the top of the lobbying field and to expand its influence into new areas of government and the private sector.

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