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Credit Score Guru, Alex Miller, Shares Tips on Maintaining a Good Credit Score




To be financially successful, one must first be financially literate. Understanding how money works and making apt financial decisions is the key to living a life where financial stability prevails. Your standard of living depends mainly on your understanding and management of your financial affairs. 

Despite the fact that financial literacy has a huge role to play in your life, many people do not realize it until it’s already too late. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of understanding your finances is understanding the importance of a good credit score, an aspect that most people remain ignorant of. It isn’t until they are faced with the negative consequences of a bad credit score that they realize the importance they should have assigned to maintaining a good credit score. 

Alex Miller, The Credit Score Guru

Alex Miller, the credit score guru, has made it the purpose of his life to help individuals avoid the adverse effects of a negative credit score. Having gone through severe financial difficulties himself, he started Alex Miller Credit Repair, a firm that quickly rose to the top of the credit repair industry, simply because it has helped countless people raise their standard of living and fulfill their needs and wants. Today, Alex Miller is a leading credit repair expert and wishes to help everyone he possibly can, to lead a better life. 

In this piece, the guru shares with us some basic knowledge and useful insights on maintaining a good credit score. 

What is a Good Credit Score? 

Maintaining a good credit score simply means having a positive credit history. This means you make responsible financial decisions and tend to spend within your credit limit. A good credit score will make it significantly easier for you to rent a place to live, get a loan, that too at lower interest rates and also get better rates for insuring your car. 

Alex explains that a good credit score starts at 680. A credit score in the 700’s is considered positive, with the maximum upper limit being 850. 

Strategies to Maintain a Good Credit Score:

Being an expert, Alex shares the importance of avoiding late payments. While compiling your credit reports, the credit bureaus assign the most importance to your payment history. Late payments will have a huge negative impact on your credit reports, making it harder for you to get credit cards and loans. So, it is vital that you stay on top of your payments. If that is something you struggle with, look into the  option of automatic payments. 

Staying updated on your credit reports is another essential thing to do. There are a total of three national credit bureaus in the United States and each issues its own credit report. You must be updated on your reports issues by all three of them. Being in touch with your reports can help you point out any errors in the report and fix them before they start affecting your everyday life.  

Many people are simply unaware of the fact that they actually can take their negative credit history and repair it to achieve a good credit score. When the team at Alex Miller Credit Repair turns the credit scores around for people, many are shocked and state that they were unaware of the fact that it could be done, that too with such accuracy and professionalism. The guru of credit repair advises people to always know the available options that can be utilized to repair your credit score and help you achieve a better financial standing. 

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