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Creating a Honeymoon Kit




So, you’ve made it through the wedding plans and preparations. Lost countless hours of sleep, making sure everything is just right as you want it to be, and negotiating every last detail to make the day perfect. Your bags are even packed, and you can’t wait to relax after the wedding whirlwind on your dream honeymoon with your dream partner. But, you’ve still got a nagging feeling that you may have forgotten something for your trip. You’ve made a list and probably checked it more than twice. Chances are, you’ve got your bases wholly covered, but why not create a fun little honeymoon kit to make sure you and your new spouse have the best time ever, even if you’re just in your hotel room. 

Snack Attack 

Sounds silly right, you may or may not be parents yet, so packing snacks along for the honeymoon seems a little ahead of yourself? Not really! You’re going to be traveling by plane or train, and you may get a little hangry. Add to that, and you don’t want to feel bloated or nauseated because you’re strictly consuming convenience store or airport snacks. This is where your food stash comes in handy—Pack healthy snacks like nutrition bars, fresh nuts, or dried fruits. Not only will your non-bloated belly thank you for it (hello beach bikini selfies), but you’ll have more energy and a much more positive mood if you’re consuming healthy food versus junk food on the road. 

Toys, Toys, Toys

We’re not just talking about a deck of cards or mad libs to keep you occupied on the plane. Why not take things to the next level that you and your spouse have often fantasized about? Adult sex toys are an amazing way to add some variety to your sex life and keep things spicy from the very beginning of your marriage. There are tons of avenues to procure toys nowadays, but buying online is preferred by most as you can see all there is out there to offer you as well as read reviews by very, very satisfied customers. There’s no way you’ll have a disappointing time in your honeymoon suite if you stow some toys away in your carry-on. 

Luxurious Loungewear

Sure, you might have it in your mind that the entire time you’re in your bungalow, you’ll be tan and naked and just marveling at each other. But, alas, travel as well as daily exploring of the city you’re in takes its toll. Make sure you’ve packed lux robes and pajamas for you and your significant other. Most men have never even thought to purchase something in silk for themselves. Show him how amazing it feels to be literally wrapped in the lap of luxury. Not to mention, it’s a major turn-on and can get you guys ready for round two, three, maybe even four!

Smart and Savvy

Hey, that’s why you married each other, right? You consider each other intelligent and savvy. Let yourself be the one that doesn’t forget things like waterproof phone cases. Splurge on a camera that is not only waterproof but can be used underwater. Capture some truly magnificent memories with the underwater lens. Continuing on the tech-savvy note, make sure to pack adaptors for all the chargers for appliances you’ll be using if you’re traveling to a location that will have different outlet types than the ones you typically use. And a VPN is a solid investment if you’re traveling abroad. 

First Aid 

It doesn’t sound very spontaneous or romantic but covering the essentials will make everything go much more seamlessly. Beyond a small first aid kit, you’ll also want to be sure to pack any medications or supplements that you and your partner take on a daily basis. Include in this first aid kit a list of emergency phone numbers. Should anything happen, that family back home would need to be notified. Also, a small amount of traveler’s checks is never a bad idea. 

Cash is King 

Lastly, make sure you’re taking cash and credit cards. It sounds like a no-brainer, but you want to make sure of a few things. First, make sure you are bringing money in the country’s currency that you’re visiting. There are easy ways to exchange this in your town, so do a simple search and go to the closest location and get this taken care of. Also, cash in your home currency could come in handy as well, so stash a little of that as well. When it comes to credit cards, you’d be wise not to take all the cards you own. Just a few with terms you like and offer great rewards, leave the rest at home in the place where you store all your other valuables while you’re away. 

Well, that’s it. Packing a kit like this will make sure you can roll with whatever punches come up on your honeymoon, and there will be some. It’s more important to be able to go with the flow, and it’s easier to do that when you’re prepared. 

Congratulations and Bon Voyage!

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