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Coronavirus Cases Tally Continues to Rise Rapidly at a Global Level; Situation Worsening Everyday




Coronavirus cases tally has been rising at a global level and it has presented a big challenge in front of every authority across the globe. Most of the countries are now unlocking themselves from coronavirus lockdown and it has now become imperative for every citizen to follow necessary steps to prevent himself from COVID-19.

As per the data available from Worldometer, the number of COVID-19 cases across the globe has crossed the mark of 7 billion at present. And over 4 lakh people have died of this disease. The situation is worsening at a global level and even the WHO chief has admitted it in a press conference.

Now, since the COVID-19 lockdown is lifted from different countries, the responsibility of citizens increases under such a situation to spread awareness on this subject. Many health experts have admitted that it is important for everyone to maintain one meter of distance from others.

And the use of masks and gloves should be made to avoid infection from others. Now, the future depends on community awareness and active roles from citizens.

Physiotherapy expert, Maulik Patel, DPT is spreading awareness related to COVID-19. And he considers that it is the responsibility of every citizen of the county to take active roles in spreading awareness and education related to the COVID-19 crisis. The US is the worst affected country due to COVID-19 as the total number of cases has crossed the mark of 2 million.

In addition to this, the physiotherapy expert has mentioned that adequate actions need to be taken by following guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the US Department of Labor. According to him, it is important for every citizen to fight effectively against the COVID-19 crisis and absolute unity is required to end this crisis.

You can connect with the expert, Maulik Patel, and check out his work on the below mentioned links:

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