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Attract, Engage and Convert. Identify what your customers really want and don’t ever just assume. Make sure your brand promise is something your customers actually want. Master the Market at Selling and Serving. These are all very obvious concepts in the business-world, yet not entirely simple and easy to implement, on your own, into sales producing business strategies.

Sammy Blindell is a brand visibility expert, author of international best-seller The Law of Brand Attraction, Founder of One Drop Movement and CEO of The Brand Builders Club, a collaborative Brand Building Mastermind for Entrepreneurs to brand, build and expand their purpose driven business globally.

Sammy is a change-making extraordinaire, who after becoming burned out from twelve years of relentless drive to make millions of pounds, dollars and euros for her clients, set out on a mission over the next eight years to find an alternative solution to do what she loved, with less stress, more time for freedom AND to get paid well while doing it! 

Throughout Blindell’s career she has seen thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs wasting time, money and energy investing in the wrong branding and marketing strategies. On a mission to show others how to achieve the professional excellence they desire, her objective is to show others how to create their own brand quickly and easily without the heavy costs of employing a branding agency, through her 7 Step Brand Kickstarter course.

Hoping to expand her impact, and share her knowledge, Blindell is eager to partner with fellow mentors, coaches and consultants who are looking to add brand strategy into their offerings to their clients. A business collaboration, utilising The 7 Step Brand Kickstarter, would be nothing less than enlightening, impactful, creative and fun. And, there is no one more qualified than Blindell, to unite with, on this adventure.

Blindell’s vast experience includes thirteen years in branding and marketing before launching her first business in 2002, and going on to build six more companies in the business growth sector. How to Build a Brand, an online Brand Building resource, was launched in 2014, with Blindell taking it from £0 to £18,000 of monthly revenue in just 12 weeks with her first book and online program. In 2017, the Brand Builders Club was launched, which now has members across the globe and includes weekly online thinktank sessions that have quickly become every small business owner’s most reliable tool for success. Additionally, Blindell has created 72 online products and over 1,000 online courses showing business owners, and entrepreneurs, worldwide how to accomplish, in just a few months, what it takes most a lifetime to achieve. She is a sought-after multi-award-winning speaker who has traveled the world delivering trainings for thousands of small business owners with a goal of leading them to the same level of success that she has already achieved.

The mission of 7 Step Brand Kickstarter is to help overwhelmed, stressed and frustrated business owners to break through intimidating barriers, and go from an inconsistent brand, causing chaos and ultimately allowing missed sales opportunities, to a brand that is clear and concise providing growth and success!

As many coaches and mentors also have similar intentions for guiding business-minded individuals towards future growth, it is Blindell’s ambition to collaborate and utilise her 7 Step Brand Kickstarter, which offers the following as well as a step-by-step blueprint for success:

  • Create a Crystal-Clear Brand Message  
    • Deliver in 10 seconds or less a message that is simple to remember, consistent to communicate, repeatable to reinforce and memorable to millions
  • Create an Attractive Brand Promise
    • Attract only clients who genuinely value you, pay what you are worth and help to grow your business.
  • Create a Profile Boosting Positioning Statement
    • One that is magnetic, and impactful, across all media, stage and publicity opportunities.
  • Create Profitable Partnerships with Other Influencers
    • With those who you want to share your story, and message, within their own networks.
  • Create a Compelling Customer Journey
    • This dramatically increases the value of your products and services, adding up-sales,
      down-sales and cross-sales to develop other profitable streams of income.
  • Create a Clear 30 Second Mission Statement
    • One that easily communicates exactly what you do, who you do it for and how you do it,
      so you never overwhelm your prospects or give too much away again.
  • Create a Magnetic 60 Second Pitch
    • One that gives you a unique competitive edge and dramatically reduces any barriers that are currently limiting your sales potential.

As Blindell welcome collaborations, her individual vision remains clear for her clients. Don’t wait to have the life and the business that you want. Build the business that you actually want to build and start today!

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