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Christopher Ferry explains the role of a Certified Interventionist in an addict’s road to recovery




Addiction is a massive problem in the United States, with 19.7 million Americans 12 or older battling a substance abuse disorder. Plus, every day, over 130 Americans die from overdosing on opioids. Luckily, Certified Interventionists like Christopher Ferry can help people overcome their addiction and enter a treatment program.

Christopher Ferry is the founder and owner of the Boca Recovery Center in Boca Raton, FL. Every day, the center helps addicts detox and go through rehab for all sorts of addictions, ranging from alcohol to cocaine to methamphetamine.

This work is personal for Ferry, as he’s struggled with addiction himself. He had a promising career ahead of himself as a hockey player when he was 18 until he started to use drugs. He lost everything and needed to go to rehab several times to get clean. Now, he’s been sober for almost seven years.

Chris acts as a Certified Interventionist for Boca Recovery Center. A person in this role is the first contact on the road to recovery, and it’s vital to get it right. “Certified Interventionists walk families and friends through the process of holding an intervention for their loved one who struggles with addiction. Having an intervention is a difficult undertaking that most families cannot and should not embark on alone,” Chris shares.

The Interventionist will provide loved ones with information about the science and psychology of addiction so they can understand what the person is going through. They generally meet several times to prepare for the upcoming challenging conversation.

Finally, when the day of the intervention comes, the Interventionist plays many roles. “Certified Interventionists help people speak their minds, play referee when someone is being needlessly hurtful, answer medical questions about addiction, and coordinate the meeting details,” states Chris.

The Certified Interventionist is vital to helping a person get into rehab. They work as fighters on the front lines for rehab centers, bringing in new patients who need help.

Christopher Ferry is an integral part of the success at Boca Recovery Center. As owner and Certified Interventionist, he’s able to change people’s lives and free them from the cycle of drug and alcohol abuse.

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