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Charles White’s Paradym Music Group LLC is Giving a New Angle to Music Marketing




Artists think that creating good music is the only way to become a successful musician. That may be one of the steps of becoming a successful musician, but it is not all. Marketing music is also one of the vital steps to becoming famous.

There are many artists out there who have talent, but they do not know how to reach the audience. Music marketing is as important as music production. Charles White, aka Casiino Smooth, is a popular music marketeer.

Charles used to be an artist himself in the early 2000s. But since 2017, he has been helping rising artists to share their music with the world. He created a music promotion company called the Paradym Music Group LLC.

The main goal of Paradym is to make sure the artist’s online visibility is increased. This way, the artist can become insanely popular online. Charles works with influencers on YouTube and Instagram. He uses these platforms to promote his clients.

Charles White has catered to the needs of many musical artists. He has helped them get millions of views through Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok. Earlier, he used to post about the artists on his Youtube channel. Now, he does that along with promoting his client’s content in tons of other ways.

He has well-advised his clients and helped them reach new heights. Charles is not only popular with upcoming artists like Zacm Parker, Big Lotion the entertainer, and BassGang Nova, but he is also a popular name among the Inc5000 companies. He is known to be a trusted advisor to these companies.

Charles owns another business, Marketing Done Fast LLC, where he teaches and guides businesses to increase sales and leads through online marketing.

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