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CDC issues a new order that includes masks for domestic travel




The national public agency, CDC issued an order which requires all domestic travelers to wear maks. The government has made this decision to stop the spreading of coronavirus cases.

CDC issues an 11-page order which says that travelers transiting throughout the country will require to wear face masks. Moreover, the CDC has clearly mentioned that face coverings are required at every ‘transportation hubs’. Any airport, bus terminal, seaport or subway station falls under the category of transportation hubs.

In addition, transportation operators have to ensure that every passenger is wearing a mask while boarding and during the journey.

During Trump’s presidency, the same order was proposed, but the White House Task Force led by former Mike Pence blocked the order.

The Director of CDC’s Division of Global Migration, Dr Martin Cetron, commented that wearing masks while travelling will protect Americans and help us fight the pandemic. Moreover, if we’ll be able to control the pandemic, we can re-open America’s economy as well.

Also, a footnote in the order clarified that CDC reserves the right to enforce this order through criminal penalties. Many public health officials hailed this decision of CDC and added that wearing a mask is key to preventing the virus’s spread.

Many experts agreed to this order and added that this kind of order was much needed. Wearing masks almost everywhere will surely get us more soon to the end of the COVID-19.


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