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Catching up with New York model Ria Serebryakova




Talking to the New York based Russian model Ria Serebryakova proved to be more fun than what I expected. She is definitely more than just a pretty face and before we knew it we had already spent half an hour chatting about environmental issues, traveling and science.

Ria, I am impressed that you have so many concerns and that you are not just self-absorbed, but since your time is limited, let’s talk a bit about you. Do you read a lot?

I’m so sorry; I do get carried away sometimes. I don’t read as much as I’d like to because my time is limited, but I do like to keep up with what’s happening around me.

Do you read the newspapers or do you rely on social media?

Well, social media is the best way for someone on the go to catch up on events, and I can also get to read some snippets from my homeland in Russian as well. Social media helps me keep in touch with family and friends, while my Instagram account keeps my fans informed with what I have been up to. With Instagram, my family back home can also feel like they are part of my life, whether I am here in New York, or in any other city. We do chat daily, but they love to see photos of me.

How can we find you on Instagram?

Look for me as Riasalvaltion and expect to see me upload more photos. I started off slowly but am now more organized and post regularly to meet the demands of my followers.

You were discovered at the age of 18, and almost immediately left Russia to work in Europe and then New York. Was this difficult for you?

I was brought up to be independent and this was a chance in a million. I had always dreamt of traveling and seeing the world, so when the opportunity came my way I knew that it was time to leave the comfort of my parental home; realize my dream to travel and also earn a living.

Looking at your portfolio you have had an impressive list of modeling assignments and editorials for someone so young. How does one make a break like this in the fashion world?

I believe that there are a number of factors that play a role. It does help to have certain features and the right height and frame for modeling, but being represented by a good modeling agency also play an important part in how someone gets noticed.

Do you enjoy the catwalk?

Fashion shows are chaotic but great. I have worked with so many designers, established and new, and have had fun at every single fashion show. I have often spoken about my first Parisian fashion week where I was honored to do Mui Mui exclusive at the very beginning of my career. I feel the same excitement and thrill at every fashion show.

Are you self-conscious and would you change anything on your face or body?

We all are self-conscious about something on us. I remember when I was younger I would think that my nose was too big, and then when I made peace with that the next thing that caught my attention was that my mouth was too small. I remember seeing myself after my first photoshoot in Russia and thinking that the face in the photograph was different, everything looked well proportioned and nothing looked odd. Perhaps at that moment I started realizing that we are each unique and started to feel less self conscious. To answer your question, I can’t imagine wanting to change something on my face and body.

You seem to be daring when it comes to changing hairstyles?

Yes, I don’t mind changing styles and I have even gone very short when the job demands. Even though my hair is fine, it is easy to handle at any length and also grows amazingly fast.

What are your plans for 2020?

Well, I haven’t given that much thought yet and have honestly not even looked at my schedule for the coming year. The month ahead is going to be very busy as the holidays approach. I plan to take a few days off sometime over the festive season. I imagine that 2020 will have the usual round of editorials, fashion shows and other projects. I am actually looking forward to it!

I leave thanking Ria for her time and feeling that she is holding her cards close to her chest about her modeling plans for the coming year.

With experience as a full-time environmentalist and part time journalist, Lisa heads the post of editor at California Herald. She covers all the significant proceedings in the world of Environment while editing all the news pieces posted over the website to ensure everything aligns with the journalistic format.

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