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Canadian Cozie Remove all their Social Media Profiles for Preventing Spamming




Canadian Cozie has made some new moves in order to reduce the spamming activities on its platform. The company has announced to implement some new ways of work to provide an excellent service to its clients. In order to accomplish the platform’s goal of sanitizing its process of service delivery, the company has removed all verified social media profile including its Facebook page with 9 million followers.

Over the last few years, the crowdfunding platform was looking to provide a solution to curb fake crowdfunding campaigns from making use of Canadian Cozie platform. Many crowdfunding campaigns with inauthentic identity were making use of the crowdfunding platform Canadian Cozie to fulfill their ulterior motives. The Canada-based tax-saving firm and crowdfunding support platform, CanadianCozie has also announced the suspension of its international operations due to high-end security and verification issues.

The company, Canadian Cozie was founded by Armando A. Vangorder and it is a sister concern of SIOM organization which was established to save users’ income tax and to allow them to process their donation receipt. On the crowdfunding support platform, various donors and campaigners connect with each other to meet their needs in a hassle-free manner. In addition to crowdfunding services, it also provides the technology-driven tax payment solutions with the help of tax payment software, Cozie Tax.

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