Callback Tracker: The Latest Innovation for Lead Generation

Businesses all over the world are prioritizing their lead generation initiatives to make sure that the awareness for their products and services reach their target market. But the challenge building a strong client list involves reaching out to each potential client. This has proven to be quite a stretch for many. Callback Tracker is changing the way organizations perform lead generation by providing innovative software that effectively engages sales leads.

Whether it’s through voice, live chat, text message, or email, Callback Tracker brings customers and businesses close to each other by reducing, if not fully eliminating, the gap between them. In one simple application, prospective website visitors can effectively reach a website operator with the click of a button. This dramatically increases the conversion rate and improves customer retention.

Callback Tracker’s Communication Suite is a powerful tool that has the ability to automate all marketing communications in one system. It provides businesses with conversion rate optimization, sales leads, virtual phone number, call tracking, and a call-to-action button. By placing the power of choice in the website visitor’s hands, the need for searching for contact information all over the website or about pages is eliminated.

An interesting feature of the software is that it is compatible with any ecommerce store and can be easily installed in a matter of minutes. A major problem for ecommerce stores is cart abandonment. This is dramatically reduced by Callback Tracker’s innovative communication suite. During the checkout process, a shopper can easily engage with sales support in less than 30 seconds.

Callback Tracker was conceptualized and established in Chicago after its founders and creators experienced many years of developing websites, custom CRMs, and providing online marketing services. The common need that the team saw was a tool that has the capacity to help businesses simplify their marketing communication systems and increase conversion rates. Many of the other tools simply provided only one communication method. The creators of Callback Tracker saw the pressing need for an instant connection between a potential customer and the business using any method of communications.

From this simple need, the team came up with the callback tracker – an application that welcomes website visitors, makes two-way calls, sends instant messages to business owners, and records conversations at the same time. The positive response of business clients further inspired the team to make innovations, and it resulted in staggering growth. Eventually, Callback Tracker became an integral part of the marketing initiatives of many businesses. It is being used to complete sales funnels, boost WordPress websites, enrich landing pages, and improve conversion rates.

“Callback Tracker has been a great addition to our business. It’s easy to use, flexible, and the CTA features and reporting are a big plus. The support for this product is excellent, and their team makes use of the feedback they receive,” says Brad F., Director of Information Technology.

At present, the Callback Tracker software is only available in the United States and Canada. Before the end of 2020, however, the company is targeting to reach 16 more countries to enable businesses to connect with more customers internationally. Clients and businesses can expect Callback Tracker to be a global brand very soon. 

Visit the Callback Tracker website to learn more about its unique features and benefits. Follow the company’s Instagram and Facebook accounts for updates.

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