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Bride Fires her 8 year old Niece from Flower Girl Duties and Gets bashed on Reddit for it




A bride just fired her eight year old niece from the flower girl duties and Reddit users slammed her for it. She shared her experience on the “Am I the A–hole” platform. And she said how she choose between her two nieces and what was the result.

The bride-to-be had to choose between her two nieces Katie and Amber. Both the girls are eight years old. And she choose Amber because she was angelic looking and had scored good in her recent tests. How lame maybe the reasons for her choosing Amber, her decision didn’t stay.

She further shared how she came to know Amber started bullying Katie for losing the flower girl spot. And she also teased Katie about being ugly and never getting married. The to-be-bride came to know about the incidents of bullying and took matter to her hands.

She took away the flower girl duties from Amber and gave it to Katie. And she claims she did so to teach Amber a lesson and put her in her place. And she also claims that it felt personal. The bride was also a victim of bullying and wanted to stand up for Katie because she felt for her.

Even though her decision of becoming the judge and jury came from a good place. Her actions didn’t receive the applaud. Instead she was slammed by the users. Many accused her of treating 8 year olds this way. Others said she could have chosen having two flower girls. And others say that there was no need to show favoritism to Amber based on looks in the first place.

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