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Brandon Showell’s Stance on Social Media




​Brandon Showell, an r&b singer and songwriter, weighs in on some of the difficulties associated with social media and the best ways to promote one’s image. Showell has competed in reality television shows such as “The X Factor” and “The Voice,” but he is now competing for the attention of social media followers online. Social media has changed a lot since Showell first began his music career. In 2008, Showell along with 3 other Virginian high school students formed the boy band known as “4Shore.” The boys would seek viewership for their songs on YouTube, and eventually their group would compete on “The X factor” prior to obtaining a production deal. Showell claims that everything now must be completed via Twitter or Instagram, and these platforms are a modern artist’s ticket to fame.

Showell explains that social media is not really about who you are as a person, but instead it is about who your followers think you are. Showell thus wants to ensure that he is presenting his true self online to the people he doesn’t personally know. He mentions that he would hate for one of his followers to approach him in real life but experience a completely different person than the Brandon Showell they have witnessed online. Showell has over 10,000 followers on Instagram, and he is constantly changing his page from a personal to a strictly business music page. Sometimes Showell will have consecutive posts regarding family and friends, but then he will enter a phase of only posting the new music he is working on. Showell finds that a balance on social media of displaying his artistry and his personal life is crucial to online success. He wants his followers to know that his is multilayered and not simply one-dimensional.

Currently, Showell feels as though he has not obtained the optimal social media following. He seeks a greater following so that more people will have access to the music he creates. Showell’s current following is undeniably due in part to his success on “The Voice,” but Showell knows his fanbase will keep growing. Fortunately, many social media influencers have been supportive of Showell, and he has been able to collaborate with some of them in order to promote certain brands. Showell wasn’t receiving these offers before he was on television, and he realizes that his career will only reach new heights as he continues to build his platform.

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