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Bodied By Bella Brings New Waves In Women’s Fitness Industry




Bella, Business Owner & Creator of Bodied By Bella Boutique Brings A Ripple Of Change In Women’s Fitness World.

Bella Nicole Proto with Bodied By Bella is the busy, driven female entrepreneur over filled with natural energy. She has always initiated and ventured in uncharted lanes of life which help her grow personally and professionally. Her initiative to change the relationship that women have with themselves is recommending and highly appreciative.

Bodied By Bella is the organic boutique that was curated, researched and created completely with her foundation and values. Her line of products solve the age-old problem of weight loss and brings women to a new perspective where they can get their desired body shape without any painful cosmetic surgeries & importantly in a more organic naturalistic approach. She has been inspiring women customers with actual real results!!

The boutique solves the weight loss and mindless addiction of being thin as air and replaces this image with appreciation for curves. The enhancements are customized with the process being limited to enhance your buttocks hips and thighs or breasts that give women far more attractive curves than just being slim. The enhancements, waist training and other weight loss packages are customised with a herbal and natural approach.

Bodied By Bella and team have made remarkable hard work and reaped amazing relationships with their clients by keeping them and their health above all! Every entrepreneur has their share of struggle before getting the first taste of success. Similarly, Bella too after having graduated from a top research university – USF (University of South Florida) was successful in creating Bodied By Bella, her own magic for the world but was very hesitant and critical of herself to launch her products for the women out there. However, she later decided to take the bold step and launched her boutique making the cosmetic surgical industry go awestruck with her natural body contouring methods.

Bella exclaims, “Some women are so critical and sensitive about themselves, they go to the ends of the world to get beauty & cosmetic surgeries done. Babe! You deserve everything you wish to have, but not in a painful way. Cut the pain and endless maintenance crap. Go the pain-free organic way of doing the same change in your body. The creams, tea regimens, and other materials used in our process in Bodied By Bella helps you shape up, making it 100% reliable, natural and real!! Heads up, most of the cosmetic & beauty surgeries have serious health hazards and you do not want to spend the rest of your life spending over the maintenance of those surgeries! Choose natural body contouring to reach your desired goals!”

Before the success of Bodied By Bella, the boutique had its own share of downfalls. But what fun it is to have only a happy story. The boutique began her journey as an Instagram and vendor pop up shop. There were days with almost 0 sales, and then with the art of consistency and sales, the boutique started getting 100+ sales in a day. From 0 sales to arranging numerous sales together – and having to schedule pick and drop to the post office the whole day – Bella learnt the art of business in her own way.

She declares, “Being a business owner is like becoming a mother for the first time, you may not know much about your baby (business) but it will teach you along the way”. Bella ventures her way into a true beginning to new avenues in the personal and professional lives of so many women who aspire to make something amazing out of their own lives. A true entrepreneurial spirit indeed! What better it is, than having so many encouraging women to kick-start something for themselves too. These satisfied women customers of Bodied By Bella Boutique are truly the victory & success of Bella’s entrepreneurial journey.

To know more about the products they offer, check out Bodied By Bella Boutique.

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