Best Things To Eat In California

It is safe to say that California is one of the most beloved US states. When you consider how beautiful it is, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. California has perfect weather and it is rich in culture. It has the best music and movie scenes in the world. But, did you know that California has delicious food? Sure, that is not the thing most people mention when discussing California, but people from this beautiful state know food. For example, Los Angeles has one of the best World Foodie Cities Index and that is a pretty impressive achievement. Today we are going to show you the best things you can eat in California.

The Godmother Sandwich

When it comes to street food, California is one of the best states in America. If you go to Los Angeles, you simply must try the famous Godmother Sandwich. What makes this sandwich so special? It is a classic Italian sandwich with delicious and tender meat. The good thing is that there is also a vegetarian option. If you are in town and you don’t know what to eat, get a Godmother sandwich. Take it to the beach and experience the street life of Los Angeles.

Fish Tacos

If you plan on going to the beautiful San Diego, you definitely must try their famous fish tacos when you get there. The coast is close and that means that the fish is fresh. The fish tacos are kind to your stomach and you can eat them for every meal. There are a lot of restaurants there and every single one of them makes good fish tacos. But, if you ask us which one is the best, we must say it is the Blue Water Seafood Market & Grill. Those people know how to make seafood and their tacos are delicious.

Avocado Toast

It is safe to say that avocado is the most popular fruit in California. There is a lot of it there and the people of California found many ways to enjoy it. One of those ways is to make the delicious and famous avocado toast. If we can be honest with you, there really isn’t much to it when it comes to preparing this meal. But, the talented chefs of California really know how to make this toast taste beautiful. The best type of bread for this meal is rustic bread. If you go to LA, try this local specialty.

Clam Chowder

If you want to eat like a person who lives on the coastline, then you simply must try the local clam chowder. The beautiful chunky soup served in a crusty bread bowl will definitely make you feel like you live on the shore. You can find delicious clam chowder meals in every town in California, but it seems like San Francisco may be your best option. Clam chowder is considered to be the comfort food for the people who live on the coast. If you are craving comfort food, you should definitely try it.

Grilled Corn

As we said, California is rather famous for its delicious street food. One of the best examples of that food is definitely the Mexican-styled grilled corn. That is corn on a cob with butter, cheese, mayo, and lemon. It may not be the healthiest street food, but it sure is delicious. You can get this food in any town in California, but people say that the best grilled corn is in Los Angeles. If you plan on exploring that beautiful town, make sure to eat that local specialty. That will make you feel like you belong there.

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