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Best-selling Author Jamie Raine Releases In-Depth Music Producer’s Book




Jamie Raine

Jamie Raine the 20 year old, Music Producer and Best-selling Author releases a profitable Music book named ‘In-Depth Music Producer’s Guide: How To Make Dance/Electronic Music’.

Jamie is an 20 year old English best-selling published Author, Dance/Electronic and Hip-hop producer with productions made for artists all around the globe. In his city he is one of the biggest producers in the scene, and is leaving a mark in the beat-licensing world. He’s been in the music industry for 2 years now and has decided to share his journey with his readers.

Jamie Raine said: “After lots of hard work a hobby turned into ‘a job’ which gives me the opportunity to live his absolute dream.”

With his first single ‘Already Fallen’, Jamie has already become a trending name in the music scene. The track has earnt widespread acclaim and is a new favourite to many people across the world.

In-Depth Music Producer’s Guide: How To Make Dance/Electronic Music:

In this book, I’ll show you strategies and tools that have come from a lot of hard work, practice, research, and experimentation. These are proven strategies that have been experimented and tested with other music producers in the same genre.

You will find all the resources, steps, and secrets that will help you learn and master a craft that gives you a creative mindset, so you can stay focused and positive. It also give you a potential career path and exciting opportunities in the music industry.

You can find Jamie’s book here:

Jamie Raine said: “Despite my quick success in music, I often get asked ‘why’ and ‘how’ on a day to day basis. So I decided to publish a book taking the reader through my journey exactly how I did it, I aim to inspire others with the same mindset to follow their dreams within the same genre.”

You can find Jamie’s music here:

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