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Beckham Fragrance Line For Men Has Affordable Options To Explore




One of the most popular athletes, David Bechkam, and his wife Victoria have a venture of creating fragrances for men and women. The men’s line is especially inexpensive compared to other high end brands in the market, thus completely suiting the pockets of men who are on a budget. Super smelling colognes are available at prices lower than $20.

Mr. Spicy – David Beckham Homme Eau de Toilette Spray for Men, 2.5 Ounce

This scent will leave you smelling spicy and woody. There are notes of ginger and sichuan pepper in it with the underlying citrus note of grapefruit. It is a refreshing and brightening composition that is joined by a clean musk and patchouli accord. The woody note of the fragrance is the highlight of the spray as it adds masculine quality to it. Going by the price it’s one of the nicest scents to have.

Mr. Smooth – Beckham Signature By Beckham For Men Edt Spray 2.5 Oz

If you are aiming to keep it all casual and playful then this is the one! It has an extra citrus blend giving it a playful vibe. Low on spiciness and high on the notes of watermelon, amber, juniper berry, moss, and cypress, this is a major scent in Beckham line’s sporty aquatic fragrance. After the application one can feel the whiff of fresh and juicy watermelon at first followed by the saltiness one experiences at the ocean.

It also has the woody notes like the David Beckham Homme Eau de Toilette Spray, but here it is underlying and not instinctive. There is a smooth soapy freshness to the notes. The very light scent is quite near to the Ferrari colognes that are popular for casual meet ups.

Mr. Clean- Essence

With grapefruit and pineapple as the major notes in The Essence it is a Beckham fragrance known for its solid performance. It has a clean note of these two major fruits coiled with lavender, tonka bean, and some greenish violet leaf, best worn in the spring/summer months.

Easy to wear and not too strong, Essence stays on the skin for more than 6 hours and at its price it is the best performing fragrance. It is an easy to wear fragrance for any day giving an earth woods scent as it dries down. On websites like, you can even check out the reviews of these famous colognes and decide on the one for yourself. 

Mr. Warm – David Beckham Instinct Cologne Spray for Men, 2.5 Fluid Ounce

The lightly blended citrus and spice notes give a warm fragrance to make this ultra affordable high end cologne. It has the notes of bergamot, orange, amber, patchouli and pimento. It is a fresh and unique smelling spray in the price. It starts with a fresh citrus fragrance and goes on to give an amber and vetiver fragrance as it wears down.

Mr. Unique – Intimately Beckham By Beckham For Men, Eau De Toilette Spray, 2.5-Ounce Bottle

A nice scent having a bit sweet and smooth fragrance with a hint of spice and a woodsy heart, it can be considered a unisex fragrance. It is an intimate scent with notes of sandalwood, amber, star anise, and bergamot making it a unique spray in the Beckham Fragrance line. The kind of warmth it lends, it is best for the autumn/ winter months. The sandalwood adds a clean smoothness to the Beckham cologne.

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