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Balaram Thapa, Co-Founder of Nepal Hiking Team, Hopes for Growth in the Demand for Adventure Tourism




Balaram Thapa, co-founder of Nepal Hiking Team, a tourism provider in Nepal has shared that the demand for adventure tourism is likely to increase post the COVID-19 pandemic. The Nepal-based tour specialist service, Nepal Hiking Team is receiving a lot of queries about mountain getaways from different corners fo the world.

Nepal Hiking Team was co-founded by Balaram Thapa along with his brother in the year 2009. And it is providing tailor-made itineraries to customers for trekking across Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. Research by the University of Sheffield shows that people are experiencing a lot of mental issues while staying in their houses during the COVID-19 phase. Hence, they are now planning to travel outside to repair their physical as well as mental health.

Moreover, the preferences of travel enthusiasts are now changing as they are now looking to spend leisure time in peaceful areas. Tourists are avoiding to visit crowded beaches and busy theme parks as it is difficult to maintain social distancing at such places.

The travel and hospitality industry has affected massively due to the global health crisis. As the situation is coming back to a new normal due to the unlocking process, the demand for trekking, touring, and hiking is expected to shoot up. Ganga Raj Thapa, the MD of Nepal Hiking Team, is receiving a lot of queries for private trips and small group tours.

Nepal is a potential hotspot for safe, socially distanced holidays as it has got the Himalayas that are beautiful and serene. In addition to this, here one can enroll oneself in many activities such as whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, and paragliding to add thrill to his tour. A lot of people are contacting Nepal Hiking Team as it is a popular tourism provider known for offering adventure tourism facilities along with hand-crafted itineraries to tourists.

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