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Back to Back Mysterious Explosions are Being Reported in Russian Military areas




Civilians from 2 Northern Russian cities reached pharmacies in large number to get Iodine. They reported an explosion in nearby military area. Russian Defence Ministry has said that a liquid propelled rocket engine has exploded at the site. It killed 2 people and injured 6. But they maintained that no harmful chemicals were released in the air. “Everyone has been calling asking about iodine all day,” a pharmacy said. Large amount of iodine was demanded by pharmacies in Russia’s northern port city of Arkhangelsk. This also led to non-availability of stock later. “We still have iodine left,” an Arkhangelsk pharmacy stated, “but a really large number of people have come in for it today.” The iodine has almost exhausted in all pharmacies.

Ministry says that they have insured no radiation happens in the region and they have kept the atmosphere stable without letting out more details. But authorities in nearby port city of Severodvinsk have reported that there has been an increase in the level of radiation in the region. They are still unsure why this accident caused these changes. Greenpeace from Russia’s Ministry of Emergency Situations‘s data shows that radiation levels rose 20 times from the normal level in the city. That is 18 miles away from the main testing site.

Recently a massive explosion had happened at a military ammunition depot in Siberia. It had resulted in 8 injuries. Also in the same region near Achinsk city there was another explosion that took place due to lightening.

Authorities have shut down areas near the testing site. They haven’t given any details. But the area of Dvina Bay is completely shut down. Sources claimed that the explosions have caused a toxic fuel spill. There is a village called Nyonoksa near the site of accident where weapons like ballistic and cruise missiles are tested and used by the Russian navy.

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