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Artist Young Sovl’s New Single “Groove” is a Strong Dose of Soothing Instrumentation, Powerful Vocals, and Multiple Genres




The music artist Young Sovl has released a new powerful single titled “Groove”. In this song, every listener can experience the soothing music composition with a mix of multiple genres. Young Sovl has utilized all his musical skills and expertise to introduce powerful vocals along with the use of different instruments.

While listening to the song “Groove”, one can experience an increase in his or her energy as the single has got powerful vocals coupled with energetic lyrics. “Groove” has the right pace and it is a perfect dance number for every listener to enjoy every moment while dancing on a dance floor.

The multiple genre song has got elements of hip-hop, pop, and R&B music. “Groove” also has an element of dynamism in it and it can fill any listener with energetic vibes. Young Sovl has done a wonderful job by composing, writing, and singing this masterpiece. The inclusion of seamless music styles has set the music composition of this single to a new level.

Young Sovl, a multi-talented artist, is based in Broward County, Florida. He is well-versed in singing, songwriting, rapping, and creating exceptional music using different music genres. The artist is practicing the music since his high school time. And throughout his life, he has always learned new things about music and the music business.

During his growing years as a musician, Young Sovl had also worked with many reputed artists and he had performed in many live shows as well. He has performed with artists such as Syaridakid, Kevin Cossom, Trae the Truth, and Selfish Ways.

Young Sovl has taken part in co-production activities and has also worked with the producer, Ray Ali. The two had landed a sync license situation at Capitol Records. Listen to his track “Groove” and know more about him by visiting his social media profiles below.

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