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Artist DeeJay 8ball’s Tracks Build Hype Behind His Mysterious Persona




Creating meaningful tracks takes a creative and dedicated artist. For many, the inspiration comes from friends, lifestyle, hardships, and more. For DeeJay 8ball, one of the few anonymous artists in the industry, his inspiration comes from creating a mysterious persona paired with bouncy production anybody can get behind. In August 2020 alone, 8ball has released three singles, with each carrying their own personality that diversifies them from one another.

8ball’s first track is titled “Dark Side.” Reflecting on the secretive life of 8ball and his alter-ego self, the track carries an almost secretive tone, drawing listeners deeper into the mystery. “Take My Hand” is 8ball’s second track. The lyrics behind the single are quite simple: “take my hand.” It is easy to overlook these seemingly basic lyrics; yet, it is clear to see that “Take My Hand” could be an invitation to hop aboard 8ball’s journey to success. Finally, “Sunset” drives home a tone of optimism and bright summer days. The cover art depicts a serene picture: melting rays aglow a picturesque background, fitting for the track’s feel.

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