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Apocalypse: Can We Eat Out Now?




Food has been the primary source of entertainment for decades around the world. It is a global hub for the cultural and economic sphere for many regions and communities. There is a revolution when it comes to food which may have made people wiser, but not necessarily healthier.

While, food is a source of happiness to many; it’s also an excellent source of revenue for business owners. Food connects people with similar taste buds encapsulating it. However, the world is in a constant loop of sorrows and happiness; so, anything can pop our bubbles.

Now, imagine yourself enjoying a breath-taking view on a canal cruise in Amsterdam. Your next destination is “De Silver Spiegel”; with young chefs awaiting to offer their most famous delicacies to you. Suddenly, your phone starts buzzing with WhatsApp messages from your loved ones with BBC’s latest update.

The news starts pouring in that an apocalypse has hit the world, and the government has put a medical emergency on alert. The UN is contemplating to enforce strict lockdown in the wake of the arising situation, which seems to put a global threat to humanity.

However, did you realize what happened to your coffee? Did the heavenly Amsterdam evening just abruptly came to an end? Such is the case for restaurant owners, chefs, waiters and all the beneficiaries in town.

So, how does a business like this niche will have to do to survive during a lockdown? You may not expect them to continue spending their savings for their daily bread and butter. Not to mention the workers who devoted their lives for serving the guests daily. All in all, the situation is dire; but it doesn’t mean that it’ll last forever.

Livelihoods of Tomorrow

When an apocalypse appears; the best course of action is survival. But always living with it day in and out will only add salt to your wounds. Such is the case for the lives that are affected due to the disaster.

We see how earthquakes or floods destroy, countless in the blink of an eye, and with no countermeasures take place.

For restaurant owners, it may seem like the world is ending, and maybe it is. It also adds another viewpoint for them; i.e. a restart button for them. For instance, a Michelin star restaurant serving smoothies at the end of the street does not do justice to its name.

What they can do is modify or change their business model? Instead of providing fine-dining experience, they can offer takeaway and delivery while the situation lasts. Remember, take the baby steps; as Neil Armstrong said, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” In this case, it’s one giant leap towards reaching the pinnacle of success.

The Economic Turmoil

As we all know, restaurants or the hospitality industry, in general, carry a significant chunk of economic value for a nation. From fine dining excellence to a burger joint inside the London market; every food item matters. Now, with a global disaster causing havoc; all of the above must bear the brunt.

Let’s look at it this way; the 9/11 crash dented New York’s economy by 4%. So, imagine what global chaos can do to the World’s Economy. The Wallstreet journal would have countless columns on business owners who were left with nothing, but broken pieces.

Nonetheless, L.N. Montgomery once said, “Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?” So, post-apocalyptic may seem like a farfetched tale; but it will eventually come true. Now, as restaurant owners, it’s up to them on how they plan out their recovery stage.

The Future of Restaurants

Here lies the million-dollar question, “what does the future hold for restaurants after an apocalypse?” We discussed how food is a source of happiness for us. With every bite; we feel like we’re in a haven of delicacy wrapped around a fork. So, with these magicians offering us slices of heaven on our palate; don’t you think it’s high time that we return the favour?

Moreover, we must not forget those smaller brands that made inroads by treating us with food that we never tasted before. You’ll find that a multitude of business journals portray that famous businesses can get their sales up; eventually, if not immediately.

So, let us ask ourselves? Are we doing justice to the world which has given us so much? If not, then let’s start somewhere. By assisting these local brands; we as individuals can make a difference; which enables us to handle an apocalypse; if it occurs.

As someone who saw the world-changing paradigms in just a couple of moments; most things still seem lost. So, in time, if we come across the battle in the same war; do we stand a chance? Or to simply put, do we stand a chance in an apocalypse?

All of these questions and more are available in my book, “_____”. From current life concerns dealing with the demons of the future; the book can be your guide for a better tomorrow. Remember, the goal is not to survive, but thrive!

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About the Author

Lucas Verneuil hails from the Caribbean and currently lives in London, UK. He was born in February 1995 and graduated with The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE).

With experience as a full-time environmentalist and part time journalist, Lisa heads the post of editor at California Herald. She covers all the significant proceedings in the world of Environment while editing all the news pieces posted over the website to ensure everything aligns with the journalistic format.

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